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Smooth talk and manipulate your way to the top in this simulation-like anti-establishment game. Interact with your favorite Anime characters and gain their affections. It's like a dating sim without the dating but there is some "fan service". Thanks to Pink Floyd's music for an unlikely source of inspiration, and the Hurrell brother's dating sims. Mostly hand traced with original dialog plus many hidden "Easter Eggs". Total production time was 6 months.

It is totally possible to become CEO in 50 days, but you'll have to know who to suck up to and how best to spend your time. Winners get to see the three special end scenes plus bragging rights.

Cheat Names (on Resume page in place of SOMEONE name):
kissmequick = boss loves you
daDDycash = 20000 dollars to start
Ubermeister = 300 MAX HP
pinK floyD = jump to the end scenes



this is one of the best games i have ever played.
easy, but interesting.
great its just perfect the way it is.
i liked the anime characters that you used from diffrent series and stuff, that was a unique move.

Your an artist with future. Keep it up.

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2 easy

easy to win


heej ...:D

I like the game very much.
The office where you can work at.
The funny noices you can hear.
Speaking with the lady's
Keep it up.


I loved it. It was pretty long for me but it was fun to figure out what everyone liked. Keep up the good work.

Cowboy bebop refferences

i found spike edward inuyasha[notcowboybebop] still playing but greatgame

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4.07 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2006
9:03 PM EST
Simulation - Job