Dragon Wizard

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Arrow Keys for Motion, Spacebar Fires.
'P' for pause, 'M' for music mute.

Hang in there, things get more interesting at later levels with wind, damaging cold weather, gravity orbs, and more! Can you beat all 13 levels?

Thank you for playing!

Your friends and family have been slain by a metro sexual (yes, really!) French king. You must battle through many levels of increasing difficulty acquiring gold and purchasing upgrades to achieve your ultimate goal: the destruction of King Bleu Robe's castle!

Advanced Users:
Number keys 1-6 select spells that you have bought, ie your best lightning, water, fire spell, etc. Pressing the number key that correlates to your spell type (such as '1' for lightning) multiple times will select the weaker version of that spell if you own it.



Fun game..unique. Kinda shitty though that there isn't a high score list,, only some gold submission to some game I'm not a part of. Still could have used my time in a worse way. Alot of work was definitely put into this. The main thing people have to realize when starting this game is that: "Dont get any orb upgrades..waste of time" "first weapon upgrade should be fire..works good against the small birds...start with only the first fire upgrade and wait awhile to get second one" "Second upgrade should be the leaf one because you'll need it badly..if you have enough money start out with at least lvl 2" "Third should be water because you'll need it badly as well, helps heal." The rest can pretty much be impov'd. Great game..thnx...

need a save button

good game but i wish i could save

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really great

but u should really have this panel that warns of what's ahead on the next level

cuz if a player spends all the money and didn't have the vampire spells on level 9, then he's screwed

if u think the about it the French Metrosexual couldve won if he/she didn't send any enermies at all

Favorite game on site!

This is the best game I've played on NG! It'd be cool if ya made a sequel.Well, great game. The game is frustrating and addicting!LOL!I've added you to my fav' authors, so i'll be watching and playing your games.

Great Job! Great Game! Great Idea!

kick-ass game

kick-ass game! really brings back memories of the old school style flying shooters (tyrian megashoot and raptor, for example) that i grew up playing. the wind on some of the later levels added a good challenge, as well as the birds and such coming from behind. did not expect that at all!!!!

levels were about as long the old shooter's are, but i was slightly dissapionted at the end. where was the evil guy/boss? i was expecting more of a fight that just dodging cannon balls.

over all, a good game, good graphics, interesting weapons, and i beat it in about 2 hours, lol. good job!

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3.62 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2006
9:37 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight