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Hello there! If you are reading this then you must be looking at my very first submission to Newgrounds! I was kinda worried about submitting to newgrounds because I see so many talented animators here, and well, I'm not that well known outside of my group of friends. So, I guess I'm here posting this in hopes to get more people out there to know who I am! This was a project for one of my animating classes and is my first true finished animation. I can still see some rough spots but it is finished... (Just the eye of more experience looking back).

Well, this animation is of my series Dragon Angel:Beta (not very original.x.x) And the male character is Anthony Ryn and the female one (the one with the hood and scars) is Naomi Axen. I have another animation on the way and it is being shown in rough stages on my deviantart account, can you guess the name? Alamus. (pats you on the head). So if you like what you see here my deviantart gallery www.alamus.deviantart.co
m has more pieces of art featuring these characters and more. So.. um... yeah. I hope this commentary was enjoyable. or something... <---- nervous.

UPDATE* Oh my god... I didn't expect so many views! Thank you all who commented, and I got what you all were saying. This piece was just a venture into how good I can make something in flash look, hence the shortness.

But don't worry, I am currently on a new project with the action everyone wanted to see, and with the response I got I really wanna rock it out. Thank you all for giving me a good reason to push myself harder.


Hopes high.

Yeah, I was hoping this would be longer, but alas, it is not so. I know you put A LOT of time and effort into it, but I cannot stress the length factor enough. Please, make the next one longer?

Alamus responds:

hehe, well the problem with that is would the fans rather have a short awesomely animated sequence, or a long drawn out poorly animated story?


I could picture Naomi's sardonic smile as she throws that poor slob over the edge. Another great job of wanting me to see more and more of Kin.


I'm surprised I liked this one.

I thought it was short, didn't know if there was a point to it (at first), and didn't know if I wanted to watch it long enough to find out; but I did. And it was good. I'm still really surprised that I like it.

I dont know what this "FBF" is either, but if anyone had asked me what "FPS" was I wouldn't have known either. But I do now. So, anyways, nice job.

I think I'd like to see a continuation but I don't know if that would ruin the story or not. The mystery and such. Eh...

Ooh and maybe "FBF" means "frame by frame".....? I...just don't know...I'll......go away now......

Alamus responds:

Hehe, well thanks for sticking with it and liking it. This was my first real flash and so its lacking in a lot of areas...

And yeah, FBF does mean frame by frame... I knew that when I was asked but my brain was to fried to answer back.

But thanks for watching, and I hope you stick with my latest animations and like them too. :D

Very impressive FBF..

You so get my five .. that was some seriously excellent FBF, along with some great artwork.. If you don't mind me asking.. How much time does it take you per frame for the FBF stuff?? I just started doing some of my own.. it sure takes a while :^)

Alamus responds:

Well, i'm not sure what "FBF" means, but the frames per second "FPS" were 15 drawings a second.


this animation is so well done! it must have taken so long to do just the way everything flowsand it looks not done by flash. omg this was good!

Alamus responds:

hehe thanks! this took me a while to do since I didn't have the tablet unlike with my newer flash animation. But I would still like to tie it in with my up comming animation, so hopefully I will somehow tie it all together. :D

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Jan 18, 2006
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