Demon Girl

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Round #2 Newgrounds! It has been a long time.

More frames of animation, more control, more features, more tentacles! Enjoy!

Bet you can't beat the Hard Mode ^^ (in options)

Hopefully again the release is well with no bugs.

Update: Demon Girl 2 is out now!
Features includes
6 New girls to chose from
Cut-scenes after every level
12 Total levels
Increased helath bar
3 Original songs to listen to during play
35 New enemies
A Boss Battle
And much more!!!
Download link in game!



Thank you.Seriously, this rocks more than anything!(EVEN JUNGLE GIRL!)

LineMarvel responds:

Your welcome!


I liked this even more than Jungle Girl, which is on my fave animation list...this will be joining it after I finish this review, lol. In a game like this, everybody wins! ^_^ 5/5.
Don't worry about the hentai-haters who leave abusive reviews for this...they seem to forget that Newgrounds is a site made for the fans, and you only have to look at the most viewed flashes of all time to see that many of the fans like this kind of stuff. If you don't like it...DON'T WATCH IT. It had an adult rating, so it was clearly marked.
But yeah, good job, and I hope for more games like this to be put on Newgrounds in the future! (I'm so glad to have voted on this while it was under judgement...^_^)

LineMarvel responds:

Hehe, does not get me down. I even dedicated the game to people like that.

Endless sources of entertainment!

To veerwhil,

first of all, "wanker" is a horrible term. This is a great game, that this man took many months of work into. Also you said that such things should not be allowed on newgrounds, then why is there a mature section? Hmmm? By leaving reviews on these things, do you hope to stop these games and movies? It won't work. Plus people are going to "jerk off" to anything. They probably should get the guts to go to a porno site, instead of this. But what can I say, this is a good game and deserves the score. I have nothing against you, just what you say. Good day....

LineMarvel responds:


Newgrounds *is* a porno site. Just like it is a seal clubbing site, a school shooting site, and a celebrity killing site. Hentai quizes are on the front page. Porn ads abound. Newgrounds would not be newgrounds if it didn't piss people off. Saying porn shouldn't be on Newgrounds is just plain stupid!

Thanks for your reasoned support!


Man great game it worth the wait

LineMarvel responds:

Good to hear it.


Majorly awesome game.
I was afflicted with one dilemma however. On one hand I wanted to win, and on the other hand i wanted to the tentacles to get the girl... desicions desicions!!

LineMarvel responds:

How cruel life is. Lucky you can always play twice ^^

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4.32 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2006
8:27 PM EST
Skill - Avoid
  • Daily 2nd Place January 19, 2006