Demon Girl

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Round #2 Newgrounds! It has been a long time.

More frames of animation, more control, more features, more tentacles! Enjoy!

Bet you can't beat the Hard Mode ^^ (in options)

Hopefully again the release is well with no bugs.

Update: Demon Girl 2 is out now!
Features includes
6 New girls to chose from
Cut-scenes after every level
12 Total levels
Increased helath bar
3 Original songs to listen to during play
35 New enemies
A Boss Battle
And much more!!!
Download link in game!


Very good.

Congratulations on making one of the few truly FUN hentai games on the net. I found myself trying again and again, only to find out what happens next :-)
Looking forward to your next release (Mush! :-D)

Perhaps something with music and/or multiple female leads?

LineMarvel responds:

My games have the best music. I call it "turn on winamp and listen to what you want instead of cheesy porn songs". ^^

Not too bad at all

Alright, for the plus side, this version was much more enjoyable then jungle girl, and the storyline is pretty good. Also this has tenticles.. and everyone loves tenticles. Swear to god.

Now for the bad news, personally I think your style is lacking female detail, same with your fan art. However you do have alot of potential, and all you need to do is look at how other hentai artists capture the female form. My personal favorate H artist is Nekoi Mie, just take what they do and adapt it to your style, and your characters will take on a life of their own, also it will silence anyone who says your works are too "cartoony".

Thanks for reading this rant.

LineMarvel responds:

Too cartoony sounds funny to me. I mean, that is what hentai is ^^; Why not look at real porn?

Sometimes I get complements for having simple style. Often too much detail can be turn off for people.

Also this is animated and I am one person. A detailed picture is one thing but detail in animation is stupid amount of work.

Yay! Nice game!

This game is a lot more responsive controlwise than Jungle Girl, IMO. Perhaps you could add some background music in your next installation?

My only question is:

How do you unlock hard mode?

LineMarvel responds:

Yes, well, more interactive was a focus point.

Hard mode is in the Options Menu.

This is awesome.

I waited a LONG TIME for a sequel to jungle girl, mainly because it was the only hentai game that A: wasn't a shitty trivia game and B: Actually had animation that made the hentai look good. After playing this, the sequel to Jungle Girl, let me just say that this is WAY WAY better then Jungle girl and it shows in every respect. Great animation, great effects, great sounds and even a funny little ending scene. WAY cool, way cool indeed and better then most of the stuff in the Adult Games sections.

Please continue with this series, you're one of the few author in the Adult Games sections with actual gameplay besides a few others (Which are way old and not getting any sequels - way to break the trend!). Someone needs to stop this stupid trivia game BS!

It's not perfect though. The reaper was way too creepy for a hentai game! Brr...! He needs to be replaced with something else (army of tentacles, maybe) or have an animation of his own or something. He's way too uptight. Also, I would have loved to have double attacks. There are occaisional bugs with the clothes dissapearing when they shouldn't, but that's minor, minor business.

This is a really, REALLY good game, please make more quickly! (Dungeon girl, maybe? Warrior girl? Elf girl? Or perhaps Space girl...) I like the idea of playing as the monster as someone else suggested. Also, I know it's your bread and butter... but let's see some people BESIDES tentacles... Be nice to see some actual monsters or people.

I hope this success inspires you to make a lot more games and soon.

P.S. You know me as Quicksilver, I kept emailing you... Way to (finally) make the game! ;p

LineMarvel responds:

Down with trivia games! Down with dress-up dolls! Down with simple arcade game-wait, that's mine ^^

Make more 'quickly', hahaha. What, you didn't learn the first time?


This was a great game just like your other one. There was a bug sometimes the ghost one would not do anything even when you tried (Now why would I be trying Hmmm) anyway good job. 5/5

LineMarvel responds:

I won't tell anyone you were trying if you don't tell anyone there's a bug.

Whoops too late ^^;

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Jan 18, 2006
8:27 PM EST
Skill - Avoid
  • Daily 2nd Place January 19, 2006