Ryo the ninja KID ep 3

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It's a new episode of Ryo the ninja KID.
Lot of people told me to make more.
It's like the others episodes : some humor,Fights,but no blood.
I wish this episode will be plaisant for you.
Thanks a lot.

Parodies : DBZ, Robin Hood, Transporter 2 ...

PS:"To be continued...".I will explain you why I put it on this episode.I will make a big action scene but if i made it in one .swf the size will be superior than 5mo.I think it would be 10 or 15mo.So that's why i made it.
So please be patient i promise you it will be better next time...Thanks


Didn't work for me

Maybe it's the art style, maybe it's the BLATENT ripoff of Robin Hood: Men in tights, maybe it was the ill fitting poop jokes; but I simply found that this flash didn't work. Besides, it's impossible to get any serriousness across with those over the top graphics.

What can I say maybe I just dont dig this flash...

Maybe its because its just another been there, done that flash. Next time try better sources than "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" for your humor and "PUKKA" for your drawing style, dont waste your animator talent with crap like that, dont give up!.

rip off

you get a zero for ripping off mel brooks


Wow, so much stuff ripped off...

Robin Hood
Warner Brothers
Tony hawk underground
and some other movies I can't think of, and I am sure there was more but I quit watching it after the robin hood rip.

10 points for originality goes to, "Not this Movie!"


Can you rip off Robin Hood Men in Tights any more? That had one of the scenes EXACTLY COPIED from the movie. Get some original ideas and I'd actually like your work.

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Jan 18, 2006
8:01 PM EST
  • Daily Feature January 19, 2006