Ryo the ninja KID ep 3

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It's a new episode of Ryo the ninja KID.
Lot of people told me to make more.
It's like the others episodes : some humor,Fights,but no blood.
I wish this episode will be plaisant for you.
Thanks a lot.

Parodies : DBZ, Robin Hood, Transporter 2 ...

PS:"To be continued...".I will explain you why I put it on this episode.I will make a big action scene but if i made it in one .swf the size will be superior than 5mo.I think it would be 10 or 15mo.So that's why i made it.
So please be patient i promise you it will be better next time...Thanks


Off to a great start as usual ^^

No doubt Ryo is back and wooping the 2$$ as we all know him to do best. This flash in my opinion makes the best use of the programs features of all the submissions I've seen on newground thus far. I've seen the first two and I'd have to say your going in the right direction with the evil doopleganger senario rather than the overly done clone. This one was shorter than the first two yes but just as enjoyable if not more so. Excellent cliff hanging towards the end be interesting to see how our character will preform up against a carbon copy of himself. Ahhh true insperation here!

You sick, EVIL PERSON!!!!

WHY?!? Why dose it have to be "to be continued?" Ive watched them all (i rarly revew) and i love them. I found this funny cos im Ryu, i act like a ninja and often make mistakes when doing so. P.S Where do you find the insperaion? Im more of a story writer but i cant get insperaion to make good storys.
Love the music, your graphics and i love the series. Keep it up and make lots more. How meny episides are there?

pretty slick

good animation,good sound and all around pretty entertaining.only thing i didnt like was when it ended!!! i was all caught up in it and ya left me hanging dude!


didnt really like the character design to much and the action animation was alittle bland, but i like the con cept. ya cant go wrong with ninjas. work on sound alittle bit next time to, i noticed alot of the hits sounded the same like stick fighters x.x but overall wasnt bad

Cool, buuuuuuuuuut...

Awesome stuff, But you totally ripped off Robin hood men in tights when you did that bit with the staff bit XD

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Jan 18, 2006
8:01 PM EST
  • Daily Feature January 19, 2006