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Author Comments

Please Note; there is NO nudity on easy or sexy settings...
Also, the game is designed to be fairly fast paced.

Compete in a selection of minigames and questions in order to achieve 1000 points... Then complete the (actualy fairly simple) boss, and see how well you did.

There are currently 12 minigames, 20 questions and 1 boss, as well as one bonus feature. See below for minigame controls and other features.


Cutter, Move mouse to cut grass
Memmory, click button to stop slides
Circuit, use button to creat circuit(4th click will reset)
Dodge, Use UP/DOWN keys to dodge
Catch, Arrow keys to move to catch
Jumper, UP key to jump
Grab, space to grab
Evade, Arrows to turn/accellerate
Boat, Left/Right to move
Balloon, click red button to blow balloon
Rain, Umbrella follows mouse
Aim, move mouse and click to shoot

You get one attempt at each question you get. however as you may get the same question appearing more than once, the awnswers WILL NOT be visible, youl just have points added or taken if you get the right or wrong answer. if you want to find the answers to all the question do a bit of research on the internet...

Bonus Features

Complete the game to unlock "vortex?" the minigame i couldnt get to work (has a nice 3d effect though), and complete on sexy to unlock the option to goto a random minigame or question (right click menu).

As some back ground to the game, it was developed as a sort of adult version of Warioware, mixed with the genius of the "IT BOX" all swirled up and put in with some nudity. As such, there are parts of the game that are fairly random. Ive tried to keep a similar feel throughout the game of a japanese game show (thus the japanese guy and the japanese title on every minigame). The 3d in the game came when i made "boat", the engine i developed there, seemed like something i shouldnt waste, so i put it to use in the boss, catch and created "3Drive" (a previous game of mine)...
right, so its now at the point i tell you about my next game... right, well its "Adventure Golf", and its going to be completely 3d graphics (rendered in 3ds max), the basic engine, and 2 holes are done...so ill see you in a month or so.

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General Issues:

-The controls for each game should be mentioned at the start of each minigame, along with the objective if it's not already obvious. Though they are mentioned in the author comments, it's hard to memorize and inconvenient/tough having to scroll down and find them while in the midst of a minigame. Even after reading the controls, some of the minigames are still a little unclear in what you have to do (more on that later).

-Difficulties/Rewards: I get that you want to reward the player for playing/beating Stiffy difficulty, but that doesn't mean that it has to be the only difficulty with any nudity (especially considering how difficult Stiffy is, more on that later)! At least it's good that on Sexy difficulty there's stripping down to the underwear. However as an alternative you could have full stripping on every difficulty (or at least for Sexy), but have additional rewards for beating higher difficulties. That Vortex minigame you unlock for beating any difficulty could instead only be unlocked for beating Stiffy.

-A loss of a life/crystal should NOT result in losing points as long as the player is able to complete the minigame before losing all 3. OR you should have the option of giving up/not retrying a minigame after losing a crystal, in order to save yourself from losing more points. With how it works now the crystals are more like a counter for the amount of times you can lose points on a minigame rather than lives. But without that option, then instead of losing 40 points per crystal lost, you should lose 120 points only if all crystals are lost. Otherwise no point loss and gain the full 100 points for beating the game. It's hard enough to rack up points as it is, especially because you can randomly lose points and often more than you can randomly gain. Losing 100+ points randomly really sucks.

-For the questions you don't have to reveal the right answer, but the player should at least know whether their choice was correct or incorrect. Out of fairness yes but also to help confirm the integrity of the game, or in other words so that players can more easily tell if a question is inaccurate or bugged. It's possible to tell anyway if you memorize the position of your point bar before the question and seeing if it went up or down, but you shouldn't have to go through that trouble to tell. Random trivia is painful enough at it is, so the player should at least be given that benefit. Also there's barely/not enough time to read and answer questions on Stiffy (certainly not 20 seconds like the directions say, which not even Easy gives).

Game Specific/Stiffy Difficulty Issues:

-In Cutter if you move too fast it doesn't cut the grass. Also there's barely/not enough time to complete it on Stiffy.

-In Memory you can't undo a bad choice so if you mess up just once, you fail. Anyway if it was truly a memory game, you'd be able to cycle through the choices at your leisure rather than having to time it too. Also there's barely/not enough time to complete it on Stiffy.

-If you mess up just once on Circuit there's not enough remaining time to complete it on Stiffy.

-In Dodge it was not explained well that you had to either jump OR duck and it's hard to tell in time.

-In Catch you should be able to use the mouse instead of the arrow keys. It'd feel way more natural.

-In Jumper the rope can start too close before you have time to react/jump.

-For Grab it's a little unclear that you need to press space when the object is between the white lines.

-Evade is virtually impossible to complete on Stiffy and too long. I even think it's too tough on Sexy. Was it even playtested properly?

-In Boat the barrels can be in positions nearly impossible to dodge and it's hard to tell if you have enough space to squeeze between them or on the sides. This is partially because the collision for the boat is bigger than it actually appears. Also it's too fast and long on Stiffy.

-In Balloon it's unclear that you have to inflate it to the same size as initially shown, there should've been a button to deflate it in case you inflate it too much, and it's too strict on Stiffy.

-In Rain the rain can linger under the umbrella after it is covering the guy which makes you lose. This makes it especially tough on Stiffy.

-In Aim it's just lame that the crosshair moves in circles and doesn't make much sense other than to screw with the player. It moves less on lower difficulties but it's pretty annoying on Stiffy.

Honestly though aside from the unclear controls/objectives, a lot of these issues wouldn't matter as much or even at all if Sexy was the highest difficulty rather than Stiffy. Then the Easy difficulty could be the new Sexy/Medium and you could have an even easier difficulty for Easy, or just have the 2 difficulties. To anyone hoping to see nudity in this game you might not want to bother wasting your time. But if so then good luck... you'll need it.


one of the questions is *which fruit is spelled correctly?*

thats exactly wat it said for orange LEARN THE FUCKING ANSWERS TO YOUR TRIVIA!!!!


I had to stop playing becuase the music is ANNOYING AS HELL!!!!!!

not bad

it was a pretty simple game... until you get to the boss.


Losing all the points you have just cause you don't know the answer to some pointless trivia is total bullshit.

Credits & Info

2.24 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2006
5:08 PM EST
Skill - Other