Jack's Mind

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third animation of mine on NG. This ones about a guy name jack(my impersonation) whose mind speaks to him and tells him to stop being a pussy. It's pretty short but i hope you guys like it. Don't let the kids watch this;D.


Good stuff.

This was an interesting animation. I liked the detached, flickering style of the piece and overall thought it was a good effort. My only criticism was that the quality of the sound could have been better and perhaps a bit clearer. Nonetheless, well done.


Slash-Beetlejuice responds:

Thanks... I'll work on the sound in my next flash.

I like David Firth, but

I don't think this rips him off in anyway. David Firth has contributed great flashes most namely Salad Fingers, but he didn't create the dark/creepy genre. If we're stretching it that far than this rips off Poe, which obviously it doesn't. It doesn't rip off anybody or anything and I for one thought it a creative and well made flash. To those that actually do their homework and read the reviews before voting and/or writing your own reviews keep in mind that this genre of storytelling has been around for hundreds of years and was not invented by David Firth. The flash should be judged on its own ground and not as ripping off one of many artists who use this fashion.

Pure Coolness

I think its great looks like we have a new david firth coming up in our midst...rock on and keep creating...


i don't know what the hell you guys are talkin about.....if it does look a bit like david firths animation(and no its nowhere as good as any of Firths work) that doesnt mean the guy purposely tried to imitate him....personally i think its awesome....keep creating man you are pretty good at this.


very nice. to K-cesar, get over David Firth! It's not like he's the bloody creator of dark, twisted movies, come on! This is in no way copying david firth! We might as well say if you use blue clay your copying -knox-! Does that sound silly? It's true! People have been saying it about some poor guy who made a awesome blue clay thing! its just stupid. This flash is awesome man ignore people who say your copying doki

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2.91 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2006
1:40 PM EST
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