Kogent Knight

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*Wow! Thnks you so much for front page, im really glad you enjoyed our game, we put alot of effort, sorry about the few glitches, we are currently trying to fix them up.

Hello Newgrounds! This is our latest game, Kogent Knight. Including a story, action, and great artwork, this game is sure to keep you busy.

Art by Buzzwerd-
Programming by True_Darkness

Check out the game's options to toggle quality and a cool little feature called the TV Filter, by Buzzwerd-.

This game took quite some time but here is the final product, up-to-date and ready to play! So have fun!


i can describe his game in 1 word



I played all lvls till the last one where i accidently fell in the "holes" 2 times, then it said GAME OVER. GOOD GAME!!! :D:D:D

not bad

pretty good,kept me entertained for a while,still,needed more upgrades,like LonLon said. it was buggy,like i fell down a hole once and was able to jump back up,but i understand you guys are tryin to fix that lot ;)

the sound wasn't too annoying either,the shield clinks and music was ok,i liked that

the fights were a bit samey,and could of done with stronger enemies,different attacks and a boss or two,but apart from that,very good,nicely done,got a 4 from me :)

pretty good

it would have been nice if the character would react faster to the buttons i pressed. it is still pretty good and very basic which is cool.

I liked it

The programming and art was good. However, there were a few things missing. It seemed like each fight between characters was repetitive and easy. I like how you had a shop and all but you needed more items in there. New Sheilds, Helmets, and maybe some HP power-ups. This was a really good game but with a few slight adjustments it could've been amazing.

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3.81 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2006
8:03 PM EST
Action - Other