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KAZAHANA: The Formula

rated 4.08 / 5 stars
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Jan 15, 2006 | 9:50 AM EST

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Author Comments

This piece, formed part of Kazahana Family Mass Battle (KFMB) - a multi-media collaboration project created by Max Mao (Life.1 Entertainment),is a bg story involving the invention of the Infonet datapad & a formula. To learn more about Kazahana project pls check out the info found at the end of the movie, or go straight to home of KFMB @
Thanks Omahdon, Patrick Bruun, Mizura and Lucien Dodge for providing me their quailty voice work. Also thanks to Max Mao and Steven Lim for their helpful technical advise.
My Special thanks to Omahdon for being an excellent audio director of the production. ^_^
Cheers to you all!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great Story; can't wait for more

Graphics: Awesome graphics, very well done. The details are just amazing. Every little thing has detail, from the bottles in the lab to the barcode on the cup of noodles. Although I think the lip synching could be improved upon, great either way. At some points it seemed off, but it wasn't distracting. Also, when people walk they kind of bounce... When both the scientist in the lab and Professor Taro walk, it looks like they slide across.

Style: Too out of it to comment the style.

Sound: All the sound was clear, the background music, the voices, pages turning, beeping, all clear.

Violence: Guns=Violence. Blood, and a few shots. Although no gore, still some violence. When Megumi got shot in the wrist though.. I believe that would effing hurt.

Interactivity: I clicked play, and the buttons at the end of the movie.

Humor: I don't know why I put a point in here. I guess I liked the ending line.

Overall: Well done, great storyline and art, when's the next one coming?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice Flash

I thought your name was familiar. Well, after some searching, I finally found out who you are though you appear to maintain a very low profile in Lifepoint1. Anyway, hello there! Didn't know you also do flash :D You did really great!

Graphic: The details are compelling. Good character designs with a whole bunch of nice background and foreground drawings. I like the soup noodle cup and the green leaves, as well as the stunningly nice details seen in various laboratory setting :D

Animation: This shows that you have mastered both the skills and knowledge of this program. Talent allows you to draw and animate well, patience and time are the key that help you produce a work with this level of details. Well done!

Style: Everyone has their style, you do too. Gloomy and quiet atmosphere, clean and clear drawing, crispy animation. All these come together, and make themself one piece of peachy Flash.

Sound: Edwyn is probably among the most talented and professional audio genius out there, I've got to know his work since I first heard his Syuuhei's Phone Call (an audo play in Kazahana category). It's a treat to see his performance, together with the marvellous acting by other VAs all in one movie.

If you meant to promote, this movie has made Kazahana very well marketed. Lifepoint1 is indeed a treasure trove of original artwork. With the two genise hosts (the owners of the creative minds), and more outstanding artists (you being a big one of them), undoubtedly Lifepoint1 will grow and blossom, it's just a matter of time. The most impressive part about Lifepoint1 is how they always attract those highly talented artists to join them, stay with them and promote their website to the rest of the world. Well done, Meifen. It isn't easy to face the newgrounds community, it seriously take courages, that is probably generated from your desire to showcase Kazahana. Looking forward to your next instalments and the many more Kazahana projects to come (... from you and from any Lifepoint1 fans!!!)

Well, now I've seen you support Max, Steven, and one other artist with your full strength. I hereby also want to send you my full support, to let you taste how good it feels when complete strangers (such as me) would support you just because they have faith on you. Thank you for sharing this nice Flash with us, that gave me the chance to call myself your fan. Keep up the good work! :D Good luck to you and Kazahana Collaboration project! Best of wishes to you and those who you support. :D

Ben Min Yu, Best Regards

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good But Not Brilliant

Having seen KAZAHANA : Face To Face I instantly took a look at this upon seeing it. The style that the Kazahana Flashes are made in is easily reckognisable. I love the style and your ability to draw is fantastic however sometimes I felt it didn't flow as well as the last I saw. Considering that this is a submission from a different artist I presume that you work differently. Keep it up, too everyone involved in the KAZAHANA series - J_J_Kool


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Actully, it's not bad. <.<

You try hard to make it look like a real movie, I like all the twists. To much talking though. <.< Not enough smashie smashie?
Your a good drawer though, there's a lot more effort in this then quite a few flashes.

People want to put their stuff up on NG so fast they forget that QUALITY pwnz QUANTITY.

ONE THING: You should get differn't effects. It's more of a blam zomg your dead fire from gun type thing going, you need a bit more graphic quality. <.<


Rated 5 / 5 stars

it's cool

another good flash for the Kazahana set.