Gary's World - Episode 1

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Poor Gary. He tries - he really does. He just doesn't have a lot of control over his environment. We all feel that way sometimes. But we've got to overcome that feeling - even if it means submitting poorly-executed flash movies to online galleries.

Is it Irony? Is it Minimalism? Or is it merely the first step towards getting off my ass and doing something with my free time and my art? Rest assured, Gary will be back - and his woes will be answered. He just needed that initial spark - for his existence and my self-purpose.



I like the design of the character, it reminds be of one of those little round dolls/ornaments that have several different layers to them. The artwork was fairly good, but the lack of movements really bring down movie. The lack of audio also brings thing down a peg, as the still character with the text bubble just seems to not really stand the test of time by today's standards of voice acting. This movie really shows that you have a talent for animating and drawing a character, but you just need to work on having that said character move and showcase your talent in a different way.



That was hilarious..." Oh god I wish I could frown"," I'll just wait her and listen to the background music....Son of a bit--" lol nice nice.

bad dude

ok you have talent, that was a nice animation, but you didn't make it move, it wasn't all that funny. and it really could've been a funny animation, i was picturing something like anger management, or like alot of people do for the zelda games. people completely disregarding anything you have to say and what not. try harder next time man.

Nice try...

Well, looks like author was trying to make fun from this thing, but it didn't really work. There was some "O.K." phrases, but that's it.

As for your graphics - dude, you have some talent, don't waste it like this :)

It was getting better as it went along.

At first, i thought it was so pointless and cr@p basically. And that you should've added a voice to liven it up a bit. some of the things 'said' was funny, especially the background music comment. (Which i was thinking about and was going to say you should have entered some, until i saw that, lol). You have a good sense of humour, so i'll be interested in the next one you make. If you do.

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Jan 14, 2006
4:39 PM EST
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