Hurt The Taxman

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An old beat-em-up thing, pretty short and pointless. I like it.


Nothing new.

It's fun the first two times then it gets repent..
Hint to Creator: the same intro is boring mix it up a bit, and add weapons.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

okay thanks

Hell Freezing!

Great Job! I allways Hate those Bastards Coming to your Door , This Is My Chance To beat them Up :D
Great Graphics and Funny sounds (lol), 100% VOILENCE , And Very Interactive Beating Up!
But the Funnyest Part Was the PWNED thing lmao!

MiddleFingerRings responds:

shit I just saw heaps of cocroaches in an ad on the top of my screen, I thought they were crawling on my comp!! >:( Thanks for your time

13 footballs don't have feathers

The cheese is licking my foot so i had to eat my foot. But then the monkey climbed the mountain and ate the kiwi so the gorilla stepped on the alligators face which meant that the hobo went up the elephants nose to get the armpit hair of the window on the desert in antarctica on mars!!!! Then my mother said "yo momma" to me and stole the crown jewels of the mokochocoyalala people in the forests of the hwatorians!!!!!!!

The game needs more options that's why i gave interactivity violence and style kinda low. Sound was ok because of the intro graphics were pretty and it was funny.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

Over the top of the Gwili Chicken is where the rooster rests, the Lemony Snickett fan must watch his shoes, for pink monkeys are keeping a vigilant eye. Any second of King Kong's watch is dangerous, eat them, and life will be yours, don't, and a rather sinister looking giraffe will kick your arse on tuesday.


i liked it

i liked this flash, it was nice, it would be nice to beable to punch his head
of , but im not complaining, good job

what i found funny was that if u click his nose chin and cheek really fast, one after the other it three hands puch at the same time
MUHAHAHA Im a 3 fisted tax guy punching maniac MUHAHAHAHAH

MiddleFingerRings responds:

yeh lol, i realised that too, I could've fixed it but then... nah it looks cool

lol nice one

that was a good game but that bastard who said "ppl who vote over 2 are prolly 9 or 10 yr olds" I'm 19 and i liked it asswad so bite me. It just goes to show how many senseless pieces of shit there are out there...so it was a good game but it still needs work...(a little on graphics, music, more ways to beat up etc.) but it was ok


(btw where are you from cause you don't seem to like americans:S well at least not american teens)

MiddleFingerRings responds:

I was only kidding about me not liking americans, I like most of you guys, but there are a few (as in every country) that piss me off. Like Dr. Phil! I'm from Australia, if you want to hear about Australia, check out my other submission "A song about australia".

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2.69 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2006
5:54 PM EST
Simulation - Pet / Buddy