Cow Corral

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This is a collection of short flashes I've made. Some are better than others.

I don't want anyone complaining to me that "Oh my god your gonna give someone one a seizure" If you think your going to get a seizure don't watch Extreme Jumping.

"Toast" is inspired by Tom Goes to the Mayor.

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Hmm Well

All I can say is don't do so much real photos in your flash, you're using flash for slideshows here not for what it should be, animation. Other than that though it was okay.


Awesome piece of flash. I give you 10 to sound cuz you used my song lol. Anyway. Pretty good. Alone these movies probaply just get blammed. But you combined em so they passed. And most of the blammed movies are awesome they are just badly done. I dont mean that your flash is badly done in anyway. Keep up the good work!!!

Only God could match this piece of work

Im using this username cuz my other isnt working so, to the guy below me, COWS ARE F'ING AWESOME, YOU DON'T DISS THEM COWS OR THEY WILL STAMPEDE YOUR ASS. All in all, ive seen all these before and you have a couple more flashes I believe.

I can't stop crying that you finally got into the portal ever since you got flash 3 years ago.


NYG own, Steelers 6th seed beat Indi 1st seed, sorry Jack McWeeney

well that was umm something.

I gave you a 4 cause some of it was crap. The beattings were very awesome, but I hate cows. So it all balanced out to a 4 and thats all I can do. At least you didn't get blamed, so do it over with a lot of wacking each other in the head.

DaBigCow responds:

What's wrong with cows.

Their delicious.

hehe toast

Toast was definitely the best one. They are all pretty good. Like you said, varying quality, but the good makes up for the bad. I hope you make more. I like the selection options (different kinds of animation bundled). Keep it up!

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3.07 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2006
3:37 PM EST