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Jan 13, 2006 | 1:23 PM EST

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It's been an exteremly long time since I've posted anything on this site, due manily to lack of time to work on my projects cause of my personel life and the main culperate computer crashes. I can thank IE for many of those crashes but anyway due to the lost of the main file (and I so thoughtlessly passworded this one and lost the password) I can no longer continue this project. Yeah, I know what everybody is going to say...Why the hell submit an unfinished works to newgrounds? I still don't have an answer other than I didn't work on this just so it can remain on my harddrive never to be shown again. Thanks to my friends that at least held on to my works when I send them these test files other wise I wouldn't even have this...

I had big plans for this clip such as my own version of a super tails and knuckles but I guess it's just not meant to be. I had promised to post this since last october since this was posted in newgrounds bulletin board but at least you know now why I wasn't able to do so.

Well, if at least a few people enjoy this clip then it was somewhat worth while. The sound is horrible and there are many glitches that I wasn't able to correct so don't expect much cause I'm certainly not.



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

It had potential...shame

Pt 4 of the Arien quest! lol
Its 1.30 int he morning here but I took your plea seriously and set to work-
submitting incomplete work was fine here, as you explained why- if you are serious about it, you can probalby find a way to get to it- dont ask me, though!
It is good to see that you had versatility- this is quite different to your other work. Its very good of its type, if you had the chance to complete it and work with it, I'm sure it would have done well- I have voted and reviewed it more or less as it is, which is harsh, I know, but loads of people send in incomplete work and promise us the world- You will gain much from submitting to NG provided you understand who we are and what to expect from us.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

What a shame.

WHY?! Why does God hate Sonic flash movies?! First Luis' 'Sonic Xtreme' now this! Both of the FLAs got corrupted and were beyond repair! -_-;

Graphics: Very nice! great frame by frame movements and nicely drawn backgrounds. Sonic needed shaded in some areas, but that can be ignored.

Style: I'm not big on the style...I mean, it's a great flash and all, but 'Chaos Nova' just seemed like a rip off of 'Chaos' from Sonic Adventure. I dunno if that was intentional though. Probably was :P

Sound: Great voice acting, and sound automatically gets a good score because you used the Biolizard music <3

Violence: Pretty sweet battle you had going on there! Shame you couldn't finish it. It was also interesting to see that you drew everything first THEN colored it. I never do that.

Interactivity: A button! woo.

Humor: I don't believe this was meant to be funny.

Overall: 8/10, 4/5. Very good Sonic flash, and it's a damn shame what happened to it. I'll be waiting to see more from you, good luck!

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merit44 responds:

Tell me about it...I just wish my pc was a little better so it could handle all the programs I use to create these projects. Well, I may consider taking another go in the distant future ^^ No worries, the next project will be on the way shortly and promises to make up for this.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

not bad, sonic movies get old after a while anyway

you have the raw talent and skill to do solid frame by frame, if you can make your own characters and animate them as smoothly as sonic in this movie, then all you'll need to work on is your writing ability.
this movie didn't have an ending, but i think i know what happens next.
that chaos monster thing knocks sonic down and sonic thinks he's gonna be killed until he remembers something about tails, or tails gives him a chaos emerald, or a ring, or somehting that will make him temporarily stronger, and sonic will beat the monster, add two chaos emeralds to his collection, and look cool while doing it.
these movies are so predictable. i want to see some originality!
also, it would be wise to color your inbetween frames.

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merit44 responds:

Thank you! I have been animating for quite a while now and I do feel I'm improving with each project. Yeah, sonic is definetly lossing its edge. Well, on to other things like my own projects ^^


Rated 0 / 5 stars


this submission blows.... finish the shit befor u post it

merit44 responds:

Well, if its blowing on you then let's hope you don't burst ^^


Rated 0 / 5 stars

What the heck???

This submission SUCKED!! The voice acting blows. Sonic looked retarded. Do try harder next time.

merit44 responds:

Imagine that...if this looks retarded to you then I wonder how everything else looks through your eyes. Must be loads of fun...LOL