Jason vs Aliens - Part 3

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In crystal Lake everyone can hear you scream - wow my first award, I didnt think it would do this well. thanks for all your votes and Ill try and make part 4 as quickly as I can. Well here it is after 6 months wrk its finally here. Jason vs Aliens part three, ive decided to make a 4th part so the story dont end her. please watch the first 2 parts first


Meh, loved it x)

Twas well good, although right at the end, his eye should have opened with a REALLY loud sound, to make us jump!

not bad

a little too slow tho, for the type of animation it is. good sound quality, but the animation quality could use some improvement. nice presentation quality though.

Could be better

Alot lot better. Everything needs improving. GL next time


Well, first off Jason wouldnt fucking lose to Aliens. I dug the intro with the newspapers. The alien kind of looked like one of those stretchy straws. sound effects wouldve made this alot better. When I throw a baby at a tree it makes a thump sound, THUS, you should make thump sounds for anything hitting a tree. The dusch who picked up some skinny ass limb shouldve just jumped off the cliff because America doesnt need retards (we have immigrants for that) . Overall though it wasnt bad. Gave me something to watch while eating scrambled eggs.

Crossover-Films responds:

it hasnt ended yet, the only reason that jason lost was because the alien got a luck stab that punchered jasons heart out of hisd body, then the aliens punched the back of his head, taking out what little brain jason has, he's only knocked out, he needs time to regenerate.

i gave it a "4"

only because u killed jason. jason never dies. not even in freddy vs. jason. alien died in preditor vs. alien. u should have killed alien or atleast both.

Crossover-Films responds:

I havnt killed Jason, didnt u see the 2 be continued at the end, jason cant die, hes just had his heart removed and his head punched in, he is momenterally stunned

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3.66 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2006
12:12 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place January 14, 2006