Jason vs Aliens - Part 3

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In crystal Lake everyone can hear you scream - wow my first award, I didnt think it would do this well. thanks for all your votes and Ill try and make part 4 as quickly as I can. Well here it is after 6 months wrk its finally here. Jason vs Aliens part three, ive decided to make a 4th part so the story dont end her. please watch the first 2 parts first


Great! Now read!

Graphics - Not bad - I loved the backgrounds! Characters looked a little weird! but great shading! Also great job by keeping the characters lively during certain scenes!

Style - Loved your views!

Sound - My picky part. Though I had nothing to pick with here. I hate it when Artist's dont use anything that is not scored, or orchestrational/ instrumental. Great use of many of the themes here! I had 16 boners going when I heard the score from King Kong rolling and it fit perfectly! Also in your credits you listed that "John Newton Howard" did the music for it. When infact it was "Howard Shore" Also It's not "John Newton Howard" It's "James Newton Howard" Close.

Interactivity/humor - duh

Overall - superb! going to watch others now

Crossover-Films responds:

thanks dude, i just checked the soundtrack cd and it is James Newton Howard, my bad, but it aint Howard Shore, even the cradits of the film say the music for the film is done by James Newton Howard. goin to start part 4 now lol


2 words from a horror expert: fucking awesome!!!!

maybe i dont have the skills to make movies with others than clocks n´ locks, but i know when horror is fucking good!


I love aliens and I love Jason but I would've liked it better(if possible) if it was Predator vs Jason. Mabye you can make that next. I thought he had just gotten out of the cave and the alien jumped at Jason? oh well great job on this!

Crossover-Films responds:

that happened at the end of the 2nd one with the alien jumping out of the cave, i wanted to make them meeting of the alien and jason longer so i changed it a little


does anyone else think it would only make sense for someone to make a series called "Freddy vs. Predator" now that this is out. that would be cool. a maniac who cant hurt you unless your sleepin and an intergalactic safari hunter. wow. anyway great job.


did you purposily put this movie out on friday the 13th?? its pretty good keep up the good work

Crossover-Films responds:

lol no i didnt realise till after lol

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Jan 13, 2006
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