Jason vs Aliens - Part 3

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In crystal Lake everyone can hear you scream - wow my first award, I didnt think it would do this well. thanks for all your votes and Ill try and make part 4 as quickly as I can. Well here it is after 6 months wrk its finally here. Jason vs Aliens part three, ive decided to make a 4th part so the story dont end her. please watch the first 2 parts first


Getting better... but..

It didn't start off where 2 finished! Ya know? The Alien out the cave? Ah well, the start was the same really, just different background. I liked the walking part actually, it gave a good feeling to the victim running, and Jason walking. Just like the films. The animation and sounds are getting better and I LOVED the slow motion part when the alien jumps on Jason the second time!

Only thing is, i reckon Jason would've won =p He does have super strength, and could probably broken the alien's neck, or even take it's head off. Butt when he comes back (which he will xD) We'll see wat happens! Love this series!


sorry, but almost eVery scene in that flash was tooo long. Especially the shots of peoples' feet running or walking or whatever.

yeah... drawings could use work too. The aliens looked ok, but the blood was super cheesy.

Very good

I just watched all three in a row and I must say im impressed. I didnt read any of the other reviews, but based on what the guy before me said Im sure all the fanboys crapped their camp crystal lake boxers the second Jason was "killed" by the Alien. Im sure what these guys failed to realize was that it was to be continued. In a fight like this I would most definately give the edge to an Alien. Its faster, stronger, and even if Jason had gotten his hands on that machete the Xenomorph wouldve bled acid on em. Good Job man I cant wait for the next one.

Very nice.

This was a cool flash. Thought it was well made. Cant wait for the next one. One more thing dont worry about what these other guys said. Yes jason is immortal and supper strong but... An alien is just as strong. These guys get to worked up over little things.


Pretty good.

the drawing could have been a bit better but it was a good movie. and to the privious poster. yes you can kill jason if you remove his heart. watch jason goes to hell if you dont beleive me.

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Jan 13, 2006
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