Undead Assault

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You are a Paladin: an armored warrior dedicated to fighting evil. Hack and slash your way through waves of Undead knights, freaks, and critters and see how high of a level you can reach! Addictive and fun.



To the guy before me, THIS IS ARTIX. THIS I BELIEVE WAS A BETA. You just lowered the score of the first minigame ever put on battleon. I hope you're proud of yourself.

it was fun

i liked it very much and will play it over and over until i get to lvl 99

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good game

i played it on battleon but it is on this website as well if it's on this website then it good.

Whee O.O

Dude, you guys are just echoing each other... chill. It wasn't stolen, it says RIGHT in the beginning From BattleOn. com. That's what titles are for, they're there for a reason. Read them. And if you've played AdventureQuest, you can tell just from the way the Author's Notes are worded that... hello, it's an AdventureQuest game. O_o; If you think it was stolen, give better material, not some stupid crap like ZOMGZOMG THEY DIDNT SPAM THE SCREEN WITH AQ!! IT WAS ONLY IN SIZE 40 FONT, I CANT SEE IT!! OMGOMGOMG STOLEENNNN U SUXX0RS! <_<; Okay, now for teh review! o.o; Funnnn! ^^ Makes me wanna start playing Adventure Quest again, I kinda quit for Turf Battles... heh. ><; Graphics: 9, cuz it was drawn well and you can actually tell what the eff you're doing. Howevah! You couldnt do kewl flips and such! D= (Though you cant do that in AQ, a flip with a cape, COME ON.) Style: 10, 'nuff said. Sound: 9 because it ISN'T. ANNOYING. THANK YOU!!! O_O I stopped playing SO many games because of the freaking music!! >< In fact, I kinda like it! -Dance.- Violence: 8, since I guess the game was ABOUT violence, but... it wasn't too graphic =D and only 2 attacks, but it was FUN violence, like eating humannnsss! Humor: Haha xD not really a tip, that was pretty good... Overall: J00 R0XX0RS MEH S0XX0RS! O_O 1337 game, w00t. -Hops off to continue AQ after monthhhsss.-

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Not stolen

An admin on the Battleon forums said this game was here...it hasn't been stolen...anyway, it gets a bit easy to earn gold once you get a sword upgrade, but otherwise, a fun game.

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3.58 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2006
7:16 AM EST
Action - Other
  • Daily 5th Place January 14, 2006