Ultimate Robotnik Duels

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Thanks for Weekly top 20!
UPDATE- loosened up AI difficulty.
//For the first time ever, you get a chance to use Robotnik's weapons in a 1 VS.1 duel!
The game features 3 player sets- 1) YOU vs. AI ,2) YOU vs. your FRIEND, 3) AI vs. AI (for viewing fun.)
PLAYER1 controlls- arrow keys, and "M" to shoot.
PLAYER2 controlls- W,A,S,D keys, and "G" to shoot.

This is my second attempt at game making, as well as creating my FIRST AI that can fight! This was my final project for FLASH CLASS at FIT.(even though most of the action script skills I gained on my own).
Hope you will enjoy it!
NOTE:THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL SONIC GAME. This game is made as a PARODY on Sonic game, and has nothing more than FAN based purposes.
Most of the original sprites belong to Sonic games.
PS- Thanks to everyone whoever was helping me during this game construction.



I love it=)

The music was great,
the levels (apart from the laserthing) was fantastic,
The concept outstanding...

Woo... Now I'm of to play it again...
And yes... the spike wasn't very good at all ;)

Digimaks responds:

AAh thanks!

the spike weapon - is because the game should have different strenght weapons. so me must me weak some strong. - otherwise it would be boring.
Thanks for Liking it!

Very good submission

Great idea! would never have thought of doin a 'bad guys weapons' sort of thing, good thinking, & adding the sonic pop up was funny, reminded of 'oheee!' from mortal combat, (ps if sonic actually said tht, would be V funny!).
Weapons were effective (part from the spike, which was just useless, if anything the spike should have been the default weapon) but levels were quite poor, apart from the labyrinth zone, should have had more levels like that.

but over all definatly an outstanding game & well worthy of front page

keep up the good work :)

Digimaks responds:

What the hell? not on front page anymore? WHY?
Oh I guess- crappy violence and sex/drugs movies and Jack rushell buggy game entertain them more.
Bunch of nuts!


Very nice done! you should be proud of your work of art

The best game here hands down!

Cant wait for number 2 if its in the making

Digimaks responds:

Thanks. Wonder why they removed it from front page so early, while others are on for weeks.!?

Great, although....

Great concept you have here my friend.
Being the sonic fan as I am I reckon this is one of those realy good games you come across.
I think it's great although some of the other vehicles would have been better for this game, perhaps just the lazer shooting one as default?
Anyway great game you have here, love it when the ai fight and bounce around :)
Keep up the good work, expecting bigger and better things from you.

Digimaks responds:

" No problem, piece' a cake!"
Laser shooting? you mean the one from Sonic and Knuckles - the double staged rocket? Anyway- yeah there are lots of bosses from Sonic games that can be made! (except the Chemical Plant boss would be real weak.)
Thanks for playing, Thanks for liking!

nice game.

i much liked the whole vehicle thing.

but you have to wonder... Why doesnt robotnik build a vehicle that is not vulnerable at all? lol.

anyway, great game/.

Digimaks responds:

-HAHA!- that what he hoped should be the FINAL BOSS Machines. BUT SHHHH- don't spread this around-
.. in second Encounter!.. will they be!

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4.07 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2006
8:18 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS