Clock Massacre I

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This is my first submission. I hope you like it. IMPORTANT NOTICE

This does not contain any real clocks and no real clocks have been harmed in the making of this flash, so don't take one look at the title and vote 0 just because you think this film is anti clock, because it isn't.

I tried to please both groups, the clocks because this film has no real clocks, and the anti clocks, so they can watch made up figures with clock faces kill each other. I hope you enjoy this because it was quite hard to make and people have made films that consist of random pictures and no sound, music or background and their films have passed judgement. Think about that when you vote.

P.S. This is just a fight, and has no real story to it, and the fact that I did a pokemon themed clock as the one who kills the others is beyond me, but A: I hate pokemon. This was the first thing that came to my mind and B: If I make a second one, the pokemon themed clock won't feature in it. I probably won't submit another flash if I get NOTHING but reviews that are all 0's and come up with loads of insults towards this film just because clocks are featured in it.

Vote fairly, this is my first submission!



This movie didn't even keep me interested enough to watch the whole thing. The graphics were really weird, the fact that you used just random un-named clocks was stupid, you should have used more popular well known clocks instead of just using the same greenish one. The sound effects were alright, but the music was kind of annoying. Storyline wasn't too interesting, way overused, and it was just plain boring.


not bad. needs to be made into a game.

pretty cool

that was just alright, wasnt too original and seemed a little odd, but still cool


if you don't want to upset these clock fans/ anti-click people, why even make your flash with clocks? And they ain't even real? So, why make it with clocks?

*isn't either a clock/anti-clock*


Thing about the clocks is that there animation is usually passable, using gradient blocks doesnt really constitute as a good background, just looks like you were bored. The animation is okay, but not really impressed. This isnt really a parody, because well it isnt. I personally would have used the gay voice synthesiser they use for the talking, because it would be funny, but well. I just wont really go into it, it just wasnt very good. Its like some people think they can make a great flash by just sticking some heavy music behind fighting, when really a little bit of intelligence, and well, skill helps alot.

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1.86 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2006
12:06 PM EST
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