Clock Massacre I

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This is my first submission. I hope you like it. IMPORTANT NOTICE

This does not contain any real clocks and no real clocks have been harmed in the making of this flash, so don't take one look at the title and vote 0 just because you think this film is anti clock, because it isn't.

I tried to please both groups, the clocks because this film has no real clocks, and the anti clocks, so they can watch made up figures with clock faces kill each other. I hope you enjoy this because it was quite hard to make and people have made films that consist of random pictures and no sound, music or background and their films have passed judgement. Think about that when you vote.

P.S. This is just a fight, and has no real story to it, and the fact that I did a pokemon themed clock as the one who kills the others is beyond me, but A: I hate pokemon. This was the first thing that came to my mind and B: If I make a second one, the pokemon themed clock won't feature in it. I probably won't submit another flash if I get NOTHING but reviews that are all 0's and come up with loads of insults towards this film just because clocks are featured in it.

Vote fairly, this is my first submission!

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It's nice to know that no clocks were harmed during the making of this, lmao. I liked it, the plot is a pretty god one and the sounds are wellchosen. Te scenery lacks detail though, and so do the characters, but just keep working on them and everything will begreat. Looking forward to the continuation! keep it up!


Not so good

That "jumping" sound effects are kinda anoying, it sounds toochildish. Maybe that's suposed to be like this.
Maybe working a bit more in the animation and some action background music would make it better.


That wasnt too good, it was randomly funny with the killing and such, but please next time, kill the pokemon clock...thing..

X-Filed responds:




X-Filed responds:

It's just a short action film. My next submission will probably be better.


nothing too exciting, could've been more action in it, that would've made this more enjoyable.

X-Filed responds:

Thanks for the advice. I see your reviews everywhere. You obviously like to help people, which is great.

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2.20 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2006
12:06 PM EST
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