Final Fantasy Sonic X:Ep5

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FInal Fantasy Sonic X:Ep6 is out!

Sign up for the brawl tournament if your good enough.



I didnt think i would have to explain this AGAIN but its called Final Fantasy Sonic X. ONLY BECAUSE its has a FF style battle. For those out there dont be confused and saying things such as 'this isnt true to the FF name' because infact the battle style is similar to FF. As for the Sonic X part, theres already a Final Fantasy Sonic. So I just added a X. Just like FFX and FFX-2. this is how its going FFX1 X2 X3 X4 and so on and so forth! Thus the name FINAL FANTASY SONIC X. and for those of you who think, i crammed stuff into a tin can, WATCH THE OTHER EPISODES! GEEZE IT DOESNT BEGIN HERE YA KNOW!

OMFG Front page?! Thanx alot NG staff!

Wow, My first REAL Daily and Weekly award. Thanx NG for kicking ass!

Heh, you guys want a challenge? For those who thing its easy, face him again btu charge only the ATK stat. then tell me how easy it is.

Often imitated but never duplicated, here it is FInal Fantasy Sonic X: True Tragedy Sonic pt 2!

VERY IMPORTANT. There is a charge system where you can increase your defense, and power, and magic. Also TWO OVERDRIVES! Once the O.D. meter is at 100% click on the OD tab next to the command tab, if you charge your attack the O.D does more damage.
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Ok here is some things! First off, this movie is long, but short, as in its wayyy longer then the others but its actually shorter. Also FFSX6 is going to be released REAL soon!

Next, the battle system is COMPLETLY diffrent, as in now its a game!, The intro is VERY animeish so if you dont liek it dont watch it. Please do not I.M me asking for the passwords ill get mad!

Since i felt kind of bad for the way i rushed the ending, i decide ill releases FFSX6 as soon as possible, maybe this month! Anyways without further ado, ENJOY!


So Close....so very very close

Great Game But i lost my first round. but awsome game. 10stars

Sonic + Final Fantasy = a pretty damn good flash!

Okay, for the past hour, I've watched all five episodes sofar, giving them 5's and stuff. But I think I should write a review. It was really good, suprised to say... I never thought Sonic and Final Fantasy would really mix that well.... preety damn good job. Can't wait for the next one.. well I can.. but that's not the point.

I like the (for once) good interactivity!

Thank you for this game, I like it. One of the few good games on newgrounds. One last little thing (okay, the whole thing was little,) when is #6 coming out?

good game

for those who cant beat true gaurdian first attack then heal attack then heal until your overdrive meter(id recommend super blast cause its kooler)anyway yeah endless loop

great game awesom

Great job!

Although it is sorta sad how easy the challenge is... Hehe, if only it were possible to beat it without charging at all! Hint for the challenge, watch your mana. Sounds useless, but for those who've beaten it, they'll understand. Whoa, hello! Advertisement for a new game from one of my favorite series? Anyway, as always, great job!

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Jan 10, 2006
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