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Bahamon Tutorials have started, see the first one here. For this part I will teach you to make buttons, so turn on your flash and let's get Started!. Hope you enjoy it.

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Another cool tutorial, wich in i have learned things i never knew! In how many time you make this shit man?
Well good job and i sure take over ur technique! Good job and when my movie comes out, ill let you know!
It'll be in a couple of days so plz review it then! Glad you liked it when u saw it!
Make more and have a good Flash-Life.


bahamonStudios responds:

thanks for the review, and please e-mail me when the movie is out, I will sure review it.

A decent tutorial

It's nice and easy to follow, but not as detailed as others i've seen, i'll still add it to my favourites though.

Good luck with the vote.



I try to give people who make tutorials a good wrap. They are usign their time to help other Flashers.

But now adays, it is hard to make a good tutorial.

All you reall did was show what scripts to use. There was no artistic nature to it at all.

It was boring, is what I am trying to say.

Add some sound. A song, or a little guy saying what's on the screen.

And get more indepth with it. Give reasoning behing the scripts, and why that script does what.

Just trying to help keep your viewers interested, and want to come back when they need the help.

helpful tute for flash noobs, but kinda the same

this is just another same old same tutorial. wen i was a noob at flash animation, tutes helped me alot. i respect ppl hu spend time makin tutes cuz it helps the people out there who r suckers. everyones gotta start somewhere. but yeah, u did a good job making this, but its just the same to all the other tutorials being made all the time. its a good tute, but u need something more original. as a tip, tutorials with examples really help noobs. tutorials by Gamecubicle are good for noobs. u shud make one like gamecubicle if u want to make successful tutes.

bahamonStudios responds:

thanks for the comment. I was watching the other tutorial and I got what you wanted to tell me. so thanks. If this one doesn't make it I will improve my teaching skills to be able to help others the good way.

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Jan 10, 2006
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