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{2006} street tank

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Try out...
It's very cool...

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Another fun find the game itself seems like it could be faster the top view is a nice concept but could still run faster the controls could be re worked but honestly i had some fun with this little game and hope to see more soon



a tank game and you have no rockets and the mines move ????????????????/


Well it's an ok game, but it progresses a little slowly in my opinion, would be nice if you could speed things up a little, and make the controls smoother as well. Otherwise it's all good, keep it up!


one thing

the only thing that i really enjoyed about this game was the song. lol. and only the beginning of it. the beat was way off toward the middle. but anyway, you need to work on your games alot. theyre way too basic, and although theyre good for wasting time, they offer very little entertainment.

It's got potential!

As I'm sure other people have said. Work on this some more and you could have a really great game.

I wasen't nuts on the song, it takes too long to get into and also the game starts out very slow.

Perhaps even to add some variety have like 5 different colour cars that are worth 1 point instead of having the same grey one over and over.

I would also like to be able to make my tank go fowards or backwards, especially in the beginning it's really hard waiting for the things to run over.

Lastly, Chnage the placement of the mines up (always in the same spot) and have multiple mines on the screen sometimes.

I hope to see this updated!

der-Wahnsinn responds:

I made this game just for fun...
I have better games...