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An arcade style game of mouse precision and coordination. Make sure you read the instructions! Warning:Highly addictive!
I recommend you use the internet explorer for this game. Using other browsers bog it down.
Sorry for the high level glitch you may encounter...if you play long enough, I shall fix the problem...

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I found this to be a good game, but I couldn't really understand it. It just seemed to get harder when you got a second, whatever that is. There just didn't seem to be a lot of detail. I didn't understand how you got points for having so many of those things in a row. Apparently, you just had to get them all really fast. It's too bad you can't really gain points.

With all that said, I still thought this was fairly unique. The music is rather suiting. It's probably good if you want to try something new. I think it has a pretty interesting layout. For the most part, it isn't too memorable.

Eh... There's nothing to interesting to keep me playing. 3/10

good but no medals


why 10

why 10 if you hate its fun

Just a few problems

Okay the game was very fun, but there was a few problems. First my screen is dark and I couldn't see the "Play" button (not the one in the begining the one on the title screen) I couldn't see the "nstructions" button either, but I wouldn't have that problem if I had a brighter screen but you might want to fix that. Also as "The-Lizard" already stated you need to add/fix the back button on the instructions page. The most annoying glitch was that the music started over if you used the "right-click" menu to go back, which brings me to the final bug I found, which is when you get gameover it's impossible to play the game again without loading up the whole game again.

Now that I got that out... The game is very fun and imagitve, and the simple storyline is a nice touch. The color thing was fun but it would've been nice to mention that the blue and purple beams can split green atoms without hurting you, i avoided green atoms for like 10 min before i realized theres no need to. Power-ups where cool, but like "The-Lizard" also said you forgot to mention the purposes of the "Med-Pack" and "Nuke-Sign" Power-ups/downs. It was very fun and very addicting and other than the little bugs It was very well made... Good Job!

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3.66 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2006
9:42 PM EST
Skill - Collect