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Maganic Wars Survival

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As a part of Maganic Wars Series, with Survival version you'll have to fight all your opponents without recovering your life in every match. There are new items added at the Shop and some different cards and graphics. There's also included the option to choose game difficulty.

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amazing game

ive played pokemon card games online& in real life, if plauyed all the yu-gi oh online and off ived played this alot and it feels like normal even tho its based off all types of the magyks seriers i still find it challenging (btw we have over 2k magik cards) and i love it!!!! its a shame that the pc gets the full rune early i love this game it rocks!!! but i wish there cood be custome caracter

Good but needs help.

I'd intended to post on the Maganic forums, but seeing as the admins there are forum nazis, I'll just review on NG.

As has been stated more times than I've been able to count, something is wrong with how its "randomly" dealing cards. The computer should not get the Parapet 8/10 times and the ++lightning 8/10 times. The computer should not play, blood lust, vampire, blood lust, vampire, etc, over and over while you keep pulling fury. Skilled & master levels already start the computer with a stat bonus and the player with reduced stats. That is more than enough of an evener. Fix. Your. Code. (If the game creator openly admits he cant get past level 4 in master mode [check the Maganic forums], you have a problem .)

Nice try, but aim for playability instead of challenge. Nothing kills a good diea like cramming too much 'challenge' into it.

Still great

I've been a fan of the Maganic series for quite a while now, and this addition does not disappoint. The new store items definitely add to the experience.

I agree with some of the other reviews: custom decks would be nice, though the game itself is still amazing without them.

I look forward to the next game in this great line-up. Hats off to you.

-.- come on who will survive this shit

you have no chance to survive. your oponent always geta lot of better cards than you will. Especially when you use some of your "bonus" stuff.

Great Addictive Game

This game reminded me back a couple years ago when I was into a fad called Yu-Gi-Oh. I was unstoppable just like I was at this game. I never had the strongest monster card, but I had amazingly good magic cards that would make me win the game pretty much everytime. Good game, and you should make a version where the people can make a custom deck.