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Update 11/01/05: Thanks for frontpage tom!
I uploaded a new file which includes auto- low quality, anti-n00b splash screen and it auto sets the controls to setting 1 unless the player states otherwise. (the file is pending approval)

Press P to begin playing!

A new game from you from EviLudy.Net and LostSolution.Net!
Sponsored by ArmorGames.com!

Change the quality to fight lag!
Flash 8 required.

Have you got what it takes to be a great gladiator? Step into the arena and find out how long you can survive between the Tigers and Knights. Only 210 kb!

- Once you're at the game screen, select your control settings and press "P" to begin the massacre!


I've played worse...

here's what needs fixing, your attack is random sometimes it slashes rarely it stabs. Your slash doesn't hit anything thats directly infront of you, you have to turn sideways - makes no sence. you can attack with the shield up and your block can be broken fairly easily - whats the point? and everything is slow to activate, if I wanted to shield myself from a sword, I'd expect my arm to double time it to get that shield the heck in the way of that sword. otherwise its ok, but I died once and didn't bother to try again, THATS what needs fixing.


The graphics were pretty slick and cool...
But everythinkg else sucked. First of all, its wayy to cluncky and random and you movie way too slowly. Second, the combat was slow and bulkey and pointlessly stupid.

I see you have flash pontential, but this just isn't enough.

I dub yee a 4.


it was pretty fun but it is to easy there should have been difulculty


Are you supposed to be able to block and attack at the same time? I never took damage!

That... and tigers and weak opponents are only fun for so long. It's kind of a shame... a lot of the Armor Games stuff that has come out has been really good... but not this one, so much.

Love the opening music.

Well after watching "How Jason Got His Mask" I was very pissed off, so I decided to play a game. Thanks to you, the Metallica cheered me up( love My Friend of Misery).

Now to what really matters. The grapchis were decent, the style of game was good, and the good ol' hack and slash theme never truly dies. Fun game, good job( how people can play it long enough to get 9K+ points is beyond me though).

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3.05 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2006
4:19 PM EST
Action - Other