how to make a game!

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i hope you rate this good! please leave lots of reviews for me so i can read and reply to all of them!


very informative

this is very helpful but next u should actually make ur own game so we can see it in action

ELFERRETO responds:

i`m working on that

Very simple and straight forward

YAY! A nice presented tutorial about making a simple game! Also, if your making another game tutorial, could you include how to make maze games?

ELFERRETO responds:



This is more to get something to animate. Like walking or something. There is really nothing game related as I see it. The graphics are in need of improving as well. Don't be afraid to use the line and shape tools in flash. They are there for a reason. Also, in tuts, you can screen capture pics of flash and use them. That helps to find what you're looking for when a beginner opens their own flash document.
It could use some music here and there. Seriously, then again, you can use your own music I guess.
Lastly, try to explain to people why your putting certain actionscipting in frames. Telling people to put things like "stop ()" in a frame is good but they need to know why it should go there. Sloppy scripting causes severe lag in computers during an swf play back and its important beginners learn this part.
Overall it is still a pretty good tut, congradulations on the award. Good luck with future stuff. I look forward to seeing it.

ELFERRETO responds:

screen captures take up precious filesize MC`s and buttons take up nothing


helpfull indeed, it when a bit slow at times, maby add a pause button or something to that extent. it is a tutorial for one particular kind of game, but usefull none the less, keep it up, maby work on the look or something. make it look more porfessional.
good luck.

ELFERRETO responds:

not much of a game,just making a character move.

hmmmm not bad

not bad. i hope it helps me with the flash movie im gonna make.

ELFERRETO responds:

overal rating: 1? aww anyway youll vote higher on my next 1

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Jan 9, 2006
7:22 AM EST
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