how to make a game!

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i hope you rate this good! please leave lots of reviews for me so i can read and reply to all of them!



k,first off, where do u get the flashplayer download?second,how could u get this on a web site?

ELFERRETO responds:

flashplayer download? well you can get it from going to "http://www.macromedia.com" and then click on get free flash player
or whatever it says, anyway how could i get this on a website? are you saying how did this get into newgrounds or you want to put it onto your website? e-mail me


This would be perfect for someone who just got flash. (like me) =P

Anyway the pace of this was really patient and the 'click to continue' style was really good to give more time to let the info sink in.

HOWEVER I think it would been a good idea to add a button to go back a few steps without having to re-play the whole tutorial... don't let it be like this, change it today this tutorial is really helpful but inconvienant.

ELFERRETO responds:

heh, you reviewed both of my movies at liike the same time! anyway i lost the .fla file for it and i have tried the flash decompiler but it just sqrewes it all up, someday i will make another one and replace this one.

onyl one thing

make a back button -.-

ELFERRETO responds:

in the next tutorial ok?


i dont have the thingy for the flash a migige

ELFERRETO responds:

migige? e-mail me what the heck you are talking about and i will give you help

this isnt a good tutorial

you put way to much into frames and stuff. like NEVER EVER EVER EVER use a jumping animation like that!!!!!EVER! use physics. make him fall with actionscript, dont put stop on each frame just use gotoAndStop() all the time instead. dont use left and right animations. use a right only then make the _xscale =-100 when you press left, and 100 for right. your not good enough to make tutorials.

ELFERRETO responds:

you are so right on that one...
i know this sucks, but its for n00bs so what the heck

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Jan 9, 2006
7:22 AM EST
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