StarCraft FA 4

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Q - adjust quality
Click around to shoot
A (or SPACE) - Reload \ Stop reloading
S - Plant Mine ($100)
D - Self Destruction (Doubles your score)
Z/X/C (or 1/2/3) - Detonate mines 1 ,2 and 3


pretty good

but there was a game just made like this but with better drawn in flash graphics unlike the ones you took from sc. what i hated the most is that when you reload it takes for ever. and u get hit once because you run out of mines to protect you

Another great Starcraft mix!

I refer to it as a 'mix,' as it's a definate combination of all fun parts of Starcraft (Blowing the hell out of things), as well as defensive games, strategy games, or something else. Graphics, style, sound, and Interactivty matched what Starcraft is. A strategy game. Although more 'defense' in this form, you still must think and strategize how to spend your ammo, how much to reload, and where to shoot next, as well as where to place mines.

Flawlessly executed, indeed. There are so many things going on the screen at once, just like in the game, yet you still control it 100%, minus the opponents... In this case, the enemies.

Violence dropped, if only for the fact of there being so few units dying in the beginning, as well as a lack of all units, although Air would be a bit of a problem, eh?

Even so, very well executed, and I must commend you for excellent work.

The only thing I have to ask... In the bottom left hand corner of the start menu, there is a star-like thing... I held my cursor over it for a few seconds, and it 'opened' up a little. Would you care to reveal your secret? :)

~Larry "Geno" Meyers

9.0 out of 10.0

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Now, the enemies didn't come fast enough, and not much in the way of upgrading to do something better, which dampered the mood, but still good.

Keep up the good work.

Liked it.

I've always like SC, and most of the SC inspired flash games have been aite. This one held my attention a bit longer than the rest, probably because of the giant mofo pikachu trying to blow itself up on my nice shiny Siege Tank. Heh, good work.

Great game!

That was great!
The only things I can think of about any improvements are the mines should be more effective and you should be able to shoot faster and reload faster.

Great style and sounds :)

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3.77 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2006
5:55 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)
  • Daily 3rd Place January 7, 2006