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StarCraft FA 4

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Q - adjust quality
Click around to shoot
A (or SPACE) - Reload \ Stop reloading
S - Plant Mine ($100)
D - Self Destruction (Doubles your score)
Z/X/C (or 1/2/3) - Detonate mines 1 ,2 and 3

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A good ol' way to kill time (and infested marines) back in the day. I doubt the author will come back to add anything, most of the things here are old relics made by pioneers back when the internet still felt like a new frontier. Too bad the scoreboard has been lost to the warp. What I recall in this game (maybe I never got too far), was infested marines, the infested truck/vulture, and then the pikachu...sheeps...pikasheeps...

Mostly nostalgia speaking, but solid game that provides an entertaining way to kill time.


I played StarCraft for a short time and it's nice to see something like this one the grounds the visuals are very well done and bring out some nice quality it's a decent game here so while this is an older game I could still see you updating it with some medals at least a few it would really make it more fun the gameplay is really good on this one so nice job indeed

Maybe ad some medals


You've made a pretty good game here. I admit that the other ones are better. I'm not into "StarCraft" at all. If I was, I probably would enjoy this more. There's still nothing too bad about it. I especially love the graphics.

It's great to hear these guys as they get blown up and stuff. The visuals are so nice. It's redundant, but it's simple fun. It's weird to have a self destruction button. Oh well, in some scenarios you'd obviously die anyway.

Well Done.

I have to say the only thing that i can think would make this better is if you had a pause button. Aside from that, good game.

Kinda hard but fun

it fun to blow pikachu into millions of pieces :D