Carnage at the Zoo

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This is one of those Cartoons where the endings worth sticking around for. This was our fourth cartoon and it's unlike the others. Ngp INC which edits out toons wanted to try and work with some asspects of flash they where to familure with and in the end did a good job makeing the main monkey sing. Then in about 5 hours "Infamy" One of the INA artest Drew the back ground and all you see happening in the back ground. we know it's not that special but from a tec side it was a step up for us.


it coulda been better

I like the singing monkey but still it could of been better!

ImageNation responds:

Yeah it could have but it was just a test to make the mouth move on the monkey look more realistic thanks for the review.


... whyd the monkeys have to die???? THE MONKEYS WERE TIGHT!!!! you shoulda kept the monkeys living and made them into a sequel or something where they fall in to "Ucca Bucca Limbo Land" where if they do something once, theyll do the same thing millions and millions of times for all eternaty, or something like that... BUT NOT KILL THEM... THEY WERE MONKEYS FOR HEAVENS SAKE... just to tell you you are a great animator anyway, i luv the harry potter ending... and also "just to tell you", my nicknames IS Spudmonkey

ImageNation responds:

Sorry the monkeys had to die their was no way around it. but they did get a couple of good kills on the zoo keepers. as for ucca bucca land.... umm we'll leave that to you.

Love it!

This one's pretty kewl alright! Great touch on the ending BTW.

ImageNation responds:

Wow someone else saw this:) thanks we liked the ending too:)


go OJ go OJ
that was pretty cool

ImageNation responds:

thanks see you saw harry potter dbz too:)

funny ehuch

that was funny, never liked those damn monkeys anyway keep up the good work, please make another harry potter movie they are sooo good

ImageNation responds:

thanks where glad you liked it where thinking about the harrypotter think still... we don't know if we can can top our selves right now but we are not considering another one

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3.70 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2001
8:22 PM EDT
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