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Mole Asses

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Hey everyone! Most people know me for "JTHM-fo", and i'm here doing another animation based off a SLG comic called "Bear", made by Jamie Smart. I hope everyone realizes this is considered a "SHORT"; I have HUGE plans for future animations, this is to hold everyone off until then. I HOPE YOU ENJOY. Really.

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pretty good

i thot ur jthm animation was alot better than this one also i think a bit of constructive critisism never hurt anyone, so there is reely no point in responding to every asshole who gives u a bad review no1 looks tough behind a computer. but ur animations are good

Tobunshi responds:

You're a useless little pile of secrets!


Hey Since You Like Bear You Sould Do Insecurity The Musical. That Wiuld Be Ausome To See In Motion And With Sound. Yah.

Tobunshi responds:

Is There A Reason You're Capitializing Every Word? And who said I liked Bear?

i swear

the moles are out to get us mannnn.... they are watching us from their safe little holes but i know, oh yes i know.... there coming for everyone one of us and wont stop tilll we all look like toads.....nice animation btw but you shoulda had to blond either die, or make it do what all good blondes do ¬¬;

Tobunshi responds:

I hate you.


I didn't quite get it, but that may be because I have not read "Bear". The animation was nice, and I liked the art, but again; the humour was lacking.
...I still liked it.

Tobunshi responds:

It's actually got nothing to do with Bear, it's just a little end comic that I liked.

Not Bad.

I guess I don't really get it (if that was refering to anything) but the animation was good, and the humor was ok. The guy who reviewed this last since I started typing (that would be Mr. Bones) is, as my co-worker, Tobunshi, replied, a dumbass. He ASSUMES that Tobunshi tweeked pictures on his latest movie, which I know to be untrue, as I have SEEN him animate it. So don't believe Mr. Bones. Judge this based on... uhhmm... The animated stylings.. I guess...

Tobunshi responds:

Thanks for the back-up Luckynumber11.

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2006
4:08 AM EST

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