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Transformers Combo

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Author Comments

This is a Trailer of mine...
Now I’ve tried to fixed up much as possible on the graphics...I sure hope you don't get mad...(I guess the "movie" will be slow to the Music...I hope I’m going to fix that to be okay...I hope some one can give me help whit that...)..
I’m going to make a series out of this....
I Didn't know how to make a "preloader" sort of speak.. I’m lazy...Well Enjoy!

Ps.if you don’t like the movie don’t Write anything okay?
I just want good tips and good credits from you voters ^_^...
Se yaa! ^_^
psps.Sorry for my bad English... -.-¤¤

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good but weird

if you are going to do that you must do cooler transformations and put those autobot and desepticon marks on transformers.

ps. why you say your english is bad? do you live somewhere like finland or other place where you don't speak english?

Evinga-Angel responds:

well its becouse i have...what do they spell it in english? Dyslexi?...hmm..
^^....well well..

im going to do the marks on the robot's and soo on but it allways takes a lot of time ,to make ewerything ;) but im going to make it im ashure of that....
We all miss something sometimes in the flash ^_^.....i guess...
thanks anyway..

what the mole?

dude, first off, this looks nothing of transformers, more like lego gone shift mode or something, and your graphics could not be worse, half the video i couldnt tell what from what, and you expect to have a series out of this? i gave 3 to sound for the music and 10 to humor because you posted it, like come on, its a joke

Evinga-Angel responds:

you didn't have to whrite..Didn't you read that part on my subbimsion?....
Don't whrite if you don't like it.
And it's rather you that are a joke who don't understand what im whriting :P...

This screams one word


Why do I watch this and think " wow , Is this a gundam beta version ?!!11 "

otherwise , good stuff

Evinga-Angel responds:

well we all think different we se on one thing to one another ^^..don't we?..

meh, not bad

problem is....about everything has room for improvment. first off work on your english, the bit of text that were part of this movie were almost bad enough to make me laugh. second, the animation could be better, it was good no doubt, but i could be better. third, work on the action sceens, i never really knew what exactly was going on.

but hey, over all it wasn't that bad.

8/10 (im felling generous tonight)

Evinga-Angel responds:

yeah i know ^^...its taking mutch work to do things like this u know...but im gonna do better i swear on that one ^_^

Very good video.

I really liked this entry but as you said in your post the music is a little fast for the video.

Evinga-Angel responds:

Thanks big time! ^_^....
well i don't know whats wrong you know ... ive put the speed on the movie for like 25 FpS ("Frame per secound")...And still is this slow online..i guess it need is a preloader.. :S

Credits & Info

Waiting for 1 more votes

Jan 4, 2006
6:56 PM EST