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Who Goes There? Part 4

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UPDATED 060617
I have updated this version with some the amazing voice acting from Forbin and Johan Bodin, hope you all enjoy this version better, I do cause you can hear what they say now (:

UPDATED 01/06/2006
YES! DAILY FEATURE AND FRONTPAGE! Thank you all NG users and Tom, its truly a real honor!

Heres part 4 of the Who Goes There? series, it was meant to be longer but I having som problems with the flash program It don't allow me to make the edit files over 99 MB for some reasone. I spend two days on the audio portal to find music insted of using copyright material as I haved used in my other parts, there are some real talented people out there that makes wonderful music, thats why Iam going to beat myself good for not thinking of that sooner, allthough there is one music track that the missing its ID and that is Sprittles "Hell Unleashed" anyway thanks to every on who commented on the other parts it really helps Thaks!
Hope you all enjoy it and please review!

If there is somebody who knows how to fix the file size problem please mail me!

Thanks again!


Awesome Shit man

screw the guy before me, this video rocked man, all your videos rock, keep it up man, nice work


The rewiew before this one is unoriginal and copies every whiny review ever written. Let the flash stand on it's own reguardless of any similarity to crappy hollywood films.

Overall it's decent, Voices/sound better than average. Try giving a more 3rd person perspective to show the entire area. Experiment with shading, and review gun design. As per Kringle's stuff, the weapons can be made to look great with fine, minimalist lines. Anyway good job and keep it up.


I think you should make like3, about 80 million more movies because thay would all probably be hits. They are awesome.

top notch

Good original flash here. I liked the graphics mainly because a lot of no talent flash makers might of just used stick figures when you choose to show dedication by creating full body characters. However the sound was horrible in this I could barely hear what the characters were saying but the sound effects and background music was good. This deserves a solid 8/10.

On a side note, how were they able to read that blueprint?!

Holy Crap.

Take 3 table cups of Doom the movie. 2 cups of Resident evil. 3 Table spoons of Half life. AND BAM YOU HAVE THIS! Friggin sweet man. The gun sight sequence was taken right outa Doom the movie lol but i never saw it executed so well in flash.

The Graphics wernt INCREDIBLE but they were Good.

Sound Quality Was kick ass.

Story was quick brutal and scary. Loved it.

And the overall feel of the Flash was great: Scary, Action packed, Bloody. Great job m8. Im gona go watch the other episodes.

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3.93 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2006
5:14 PM EST