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"THE" Bus

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Ok my first flash animation i ever released on Newgrounds... i hope you like it ...

(edit : all bug fixed i think the star name added ^^)

This is based on a real story happened to a freind of mine.. only fews minor changes ...

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It was good drawing skills.... But the animation was bad at some times, and the stock audio, and sudden introduction of the song was bad.... and what I mean by "animation," is not the whole video, but rather how things moved. Like the reapers hand, and when the woman started to faint was poorly done. And for the song... It could have faded in and out, it would have flowed more. And the cheap sound effects kind of ruined it for me. But the GIR clip at the end brought it up!

Wilyvsrockman responds:

yea .. its an old animation .. it was my first real i did for my 2d/3d animation cour... i didn't had lot of time ... and actually only the song are not made by me ...

even gir voice was my voice modified .. ( it was fun to do .. ) but yes some of them are extremely badly done .. thanks you =P

i'm glad you didnt ... hate it .. to much ^w^

A good animation

Visually, this was a treat. It looked good, the background was great, and the characters looked cool. I think a bit of work could be done on the movement however. Death's finger beckoning and the guy shaking his head seemed more mechanical than human. A bit of work on that and it would be great.

The sound was excellent, the music fit the animation well, and it was pretty funny for a short burst. All in all, a decent animation with an interesting premise. Nice work.

cool one

very nice drawings in this one. despite it was based on true events from your friend, i still found this one to be pretty random, but overall it was a cool movie.

i think it'd pretty good

snd it'd your first flash on the site i seen a lot worse that's 4 shurr a lot ok well keep it up :)

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