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EDIT: Daily 5th? Sweet! Thanks a lot!

Firstly (and I hate saying it first, believe me), the screen will stay white for a while. I tried to fix this for a *long* time, and I failed. Just be patient for the preloader to load after the plethora of other material (approx. 80% for me). If anyone knows a way to fix this without making me lose sound, post it in the comments and I'll fix it for build 1.1, thanks.

Here is almost a year of my blood, sweat, and tears. I really hope you enjoy it; a lot went into its creation. This is a large, bulky game; if you are experiencing too much lag, set the quality to “L” (low) in the bottom left corner. Some places (2nd swamp map, 2nd highlands map) will lag more than others.

Arrows - Move
S - Attack
D - Spell
P - Potion
Space - Cycle Weapons
1:6 - Select Spell
These are all displayed in the menu

37 Levels: literally hours of playtime
8 Bosses that will challenge even skilled gamers
A PassCode system - write it down or copy it, enter it at the title and continue from where you left off!
Menu Map and Potion system
6 Spells to defeat your foes and access new areas
A compelling storyline

My goal when this began was to make an interesting game that took longer than 5-10 minutes to beat; even some of my favorite games on Newgrounds were just too short for me. I also wanted this to be fun to play, but challenging enough at the later levels that no one could say it was 'too easy' to get through. I feel I've succeeded with most of what I set out to do, and I'm happy enough with it to set it aside and move on - maybe even doing BattleMage II in the near future, we'll see.

Thank you to everyone who put up with me this last year while I was eating, breathing, and sleeping BattleMage. Special thanks to the Infamous Adventures team, my friends from Sluggy.net, and the Voice Acting Alliance for all your invaluable input into making BattleMage what it is today.

Lastly, I apologize for some of the audio; I really had to strain to get this under 5 meg.

EDIT: Ok, because people are saying it’s a little hard at times…

Trick to Boss #1: Stand close to the edge, but not on it. Leave enough room so that he doesn't land on you, and every time he jumps up to throw, hit him. You will only take damage when he goes left and right, and he falls down quickly.

Trick to #2: You can time your jumps on that ledge to dodge attacks. Hit the plant twice with fireball; go to the other side, do the same. Wait for full magic, shoot both to disable them, and pound the head 7-8 times until you run out or he closes again. Repeat 3-4 times to win.

There's no trick to boss 3 other than stay in the middle and MOVE if he lunges - it hits a lot harder than his normal attack. Pots are a huge recommendation.

At this point you get heal, which makes life easy; still, a few pots for instant recovery in the heat of battle are nice.

Boss 4 is easy, just run right until the cut scene.

Boss 5: your new lightning spell is handy for this one, but expect to be tossed around a lot. This fight can be hard.

Boss 6: Not that bad of a fight with your new blade. Your guided strike disables the barrier temporarily. Superjump up and score a few hits, heal and replenish magic, rinse wash and repeat.

Boss 7: There's a complicated pattern on the left side (where you start) to getting him to jump around so you can hit him for free. Keep heal in use to counter his drain spell, and dodge the triple shot if you can.

Boss 8: No strat. This is a really tough fight. Heal for the drain, pots for any contact you might make with him (and to recover from Boss 7) and lightning all work well (if you can spare the magic for this). If you lose here, you have to fight 7 over again, sorry.

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im a girl ad i love battle mage so much! I played on hudgames

It was ok. If you added more things it would be better

Decent Game.

To the devloper. Nice game but you could have made the way you encrypt/decrypt the work a bit smoother and a tad bit more complex. But it was fun playing it. :D

@PooMonPie: I broke his code(not really) I made a Code Generator for this game over at Cheat Engine.org (Pretty cool site).

(Here's the Link to my Passcode Generator)(URL: http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopi c.php?p=4135769)

I have something

Well, i would say i like this game.
Reccomendation: Maybe people can give tasks or quests?
and also you can make NPCs fight with you or heal you?
Btw, how do you damage the 3rd boss?!?!!
I try my sword, and it does nothing.
and when i do fire ball, it just goes straight through him.
Your dodging tip is okay for him.


I couldnt play the game... i waited 30 minutes at a white screen before i gave up on it lol soooo yeah Great game lots of fun blah blah blah lol. Sorry but you really need to fix that white screen thing