Confession's of a Demon

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"Confession's of a Demon" is a lightly humorous story about a demon named George who tries to give a convincing confession about his life in the underworld. George attempts to tell the truth about his discontent on the job, but images throughout the confession tend to show a different side of his mischievious ways.


Yo, that waz sum opressed Deman man!

Yo, that flash was pretty dope man beCuz that'll happen to all of us, we all be smokin' a joint or 2, than when we're down to the laz roach we'll go to hell! LOL, coulda used better graphiccs and a lil' mo' humor I guess, otherwise like your image of that devil, which that devil be smokin' on sum bomb bud homes, Fu skinhead88!

Could do with some touches

The sound was the big problem here. Half of the time I couldn't understand what George was trying to say. If you could either make the voice more clearer instead of him mumbling his speech, or perhaps chuck in some subtitles, maybe you could understand what he was saying. The graphics were great, though they lagged a lot when he was chucking all the Lost Souls into the Soul Soup. Apart from that, the idea was very interesting and original, and it was quite funny at parts (his Butt Kisser slave for example was pretty funny). I think if you ironed over the wrinkles (George's voice, the framerate) it would be excellent.

t-nut responds:

Thanks Guys! the feedback is great! i wish i had picked up on the voice issue before submitting! but the old saying goes, you learn from your mistakes... this is my first animation piece, a friend of mine (Bill) turned me onto Flash about 5 months ago and i've been consumed with the possibilities since. I have several other toons under developement and hope to post a few more soon. Man, I've always loved cartoons and would have never imagined myself actually creating them! thanks again and keep'em coming.


---A surprisingly boring job---

You know there's something horribly wrong when a demon gets sick & tired of his 9-5 job! Funny, and just a bit disturbing, with excellent graphics.

Uh hu...

You need sub-titles cause i didn't understand half the things he said. The stuff i did under stand was funny. By the way, i hope i never see a hairy demon ass again. It was just plain wrong. Peace out.

Couldn't understand much of what he said...

It was sort of funny though.

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3.49 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2006
8:14 AM EST
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