The Lloyds: shitz&ladderz

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Was she literally talking out of her butt? Was the poop talking? I admit that it was quite funny to see the kid being injured over and over. Dang, these guys have bowel problems. The animation wasn't that bad. The voices were so annoying though.

When the kid was injured, it looked like "Happy Tree Friends". I'm pretty sure they did gags like that. Well, they did every violent gag you could think of. They certainly seemed high. This was just okay.

Dear Lord talk about going full retard.....

I don't think I've ever cringed and laughed at the same time at a movie like this. Wow just wow

WHAT??? WHO ARE YOU!!??!! lol

Heh,pretty funny.

It was rather sickening though but i did get some laughs from it especially from the audio,nice work.

hahah gross

almost genious in it's extreme grotesqueness, this was definitely a bit more entertaining than the first, which was also pretty good, and I guess this series kind of grows on you, oh, nice use of the mellow serene music for the credits its contrasts with the actual stories in a really funny way.