Mortal Kombat Kamidogu 8

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After a long wait, it has finally arrived. ]{0MBAT and I are proud to showcase this, the ultimate KOTK. Well over 100 hours of work went into its creation so I hope you people will enjoy it.

Features include:
-Main movie
-Poke the Reptile game
-Scorpion-Man music video
-Chinese Ninja Food short
-Don't Play short
-Actually hidden Easter Eggs (anything clickable probably does something)
-Scrolling credits

Thanks for all the support. This is the best work we've ever done.


Just wanted to point out...

That your flash sucked! When I tried pressing "down" and "start" on my keyboard when Dan Forden appeared, nothing happened! Some flash...

WOOT! good movie/game

i like the part when johnny cage and that spaz guy are in the restraunt the way he talked was cool

Bezo responds:

Heh, yeah. That wasa a good scene. I've just always had this idea that Liu Kang didn't actually speak Englisn at all. ;)



Very fucking hilarious. I was wondering where can I go to see the other ones that you have done before this. So funny I pretty muched coughed a lung up. Keep it up and cant wait to see the next one.


Bezo responds:

The other ones aren't as good. After seeing this one, they'll seem like a huge letdown in comparison.

You've been warned. ;)

Glad you enjoyed this one though. Next one will be even better. My next submission will be my triumph though. If you want a clue as to its content, check out my new profile pic.


You must have a lot of time on you hands.

1-7 were great,but one....this one was .........dA bOMb!!!!!!

p.s:How do you make comics like you?Because im thinking of making some.

Bezo responds:

I actually don't have a lot of time on my hands, but I use the little time I do have very effectively. ;)

When I'm not making animations that is.

I make my comics in Flash using a combination of actual and custom sprites and backgrounds. Flash has the best system for dialogue bubbles that I've found.



one of the best MK films ive ever seen! the picture is perfect the sound is aswell and there are lots of hidden extras! nice 1!

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4.10 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2006
3:47 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 4th Place January 4, 2006