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Note to everyone who demanded a full version of this game: I'm glad you liked it, but it is just a simple experiment if I'm comfortable making rpg games, and unfortunately to make a full version out, it takes a lot of planning and massive graphics and programming, something that out reaches my programming and drawing level, plus all the college homework I kept getting, it is nearly impossible to finish this game during my college years, but thanks for the support, <3.
This flash game is not made to play as a real rpg game, meaning the damage numbers are always the same everytime you replayed that part. It is just a little what it looks like for a rpg game made within flash, it is also made for humors.
So enjoy! And please review, suggestions recommended =)
Also, you CAN use a gun during boss battle.


the music, the art, the graphics and everything else is just great... and i am not being sarcastic at all

hey man i like your game
the battles,weapons all of it is awesome
but i asking
how called the music of the battle theme with a men?

i want it to use to my proyect


Keep up the good work! Although make it were you can use magic and abilities multiple times and make a PVP version where you enter a Players code or his Username and fight him! You get doubled EXP for it too! Along with being about to level what stats you want.

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awesome game can't wait for it to come out

A good start

Its a good start, but it could use the following things

-Doing whatever you want between EVERY battle, roaming around the town and buying supplies, etc.
-More items and ability to equip.
-No actual "End of game"
If you make the full RPG, remove the gun, because World of Lore and Guns dosn't go well together. Though, crossbows, throwing knives, and a bow would be nice.
Multiplayer would be nice, but you don't exactly need it.

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3.69 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2006
1:37 AM EST
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