When Robots Attack

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From the creators of "I've Got Some Falling To Do" (but NOT "The Ultimate Showdown" - that was a different animator) comes a new music video about mighty Robots kicking puny Human butt.
A delightfully destructive (yet subtly poignant) romp, with all manner of Robots wiping out humanity in amusing ways. Hopefully you'll be rooting for the Machines by the end.


I loved it!

That was a great, fun animation. Making it like a theme park ride was a great idea! The cylon eyes were a nice touch :)

Keep up the good work! I wish I had too much spare time...

not bad

rather catchy song and i love the robot quotesas gaffiti

lol a nother instant classic

between this an ultimate showdown, u have some pretty awesome super catchy stuff. love to watch ur stuff man

Robots = Teh r0x0rz

This was quite an amusing movie. I love the music, and the presentation, with the cheezy dark-ride about robots destroying the human race. And the twist at the end, which I won't spoil here... funny stuff, Mr. Kepple!

Wow! I loved it, way to go guys!

Awesome work on this movie, i really enjoyed pretty much everything about it. And this is because well, everything was actually done well. I was really happy to see you guys teaming up to make a flash together and i figured it would really be a success. Both of you did a great job on your parts of the movie, and both parts seemed to come together pretty well. Personally, theres probably nothing id change to make this better, maybe a little tweak here and there but nothin drastic or very noticable. Theres nothing else really to say here so ,here is my review.

The graphics were very well done, and they could just about not be any more suitable for this movie. I loved basically everything about them, especially how they kind of repeated themselves, like each robot was doing something unique, and doing it over and over until you could not see it anymore. The colours were bright and they added to your animating style positively as it usually does with your animation. The drawings were all pretty good, and i enjoyed the character design even if the designs werent yours. Im sure you remade them pretty accurately! The animation was pretty smooth for the most part as well, the side scrolling throughout was even good, it could be a tad smoother i suppose. The style was amazing in this movie, i mean the combined styles of TmsT and Neil is certainly a winning combination as it proved to be in this case. First the animating style was wonderful, kind of cartoony in a very good way, and i always like your animating style. The idea was cool, for the song and for the style of animation. But the presentation is what really made the idea work in my opinion. I loved the whole side scrolling idea, it was pretty original and actually well done! The sound was awesome too, congrats to Neil for that! The song was very good like your last two, but it wasnt quite as catchy as they were. At the beginning i wasnt so sure if i liked it or not, but it really picked up as the song went on.

Overall this was a fairly funny movie, with good visuals and a very catchy song to go with it all. It was all very well done, and really its nothing less than id expect from the combination of Neil and TmsT, and i hope you guys can continue to make movies as a duo. Way to go, and please keep up the good work!!
-Standing Ovation! 5/5

TmsT responds:

Might I just point out that I did all the animation independently of any input from Neil, and that all the robots were of my own designing... even though many of them were obviously inspired by actual robots (TransFormers, Daleks, Commander Keen robots). I tried to make this movie as copyright-friendly as possible. I'm glad you still found it enjoyable, despite its lack of blatant pop-culture rip-offs all the way through (like in most of my other movies on Newgrounds).
Indeed there's a lot to look for in those loops... and some of them don't always repeat exactly... ;)


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4.24 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2006
1:02 AM EST
Music Video