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When Robots Attack

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From the creators of "I've Got Some Falling To Do" (but NOT "The Ultimate Showdown" - that was a different animator) comes a new music video about mighty Robots kicking puny Human butt.
A delightfully destructive (yet subtly poignant) romp, with all manner of Robots wiping out humanity in amusing ways. Hopefully you'll be rooting for the Machines by the end.



Man when i make a robot army can i get you guys to sing this as the robots kill all man kind =D i loved this

TmsT responds:

Sure! We're Robots too, after all. ^_~


really good movie good job

very good

i always wanted to see the end of humans. wicked music video

fine music vid...

Graphics: Everything was drawn nice. Fine animation.
Style: Nice music video. But not very interesting with everything setup like some amusement park ride. Was this suppose to be like the 'Its a small world' ride or something.
Sound: Great song, but the animation just seemed like it should have been more with the song in some parts.
Violence: Beating and Killing of humans in a non-gory fashion.
Interactivity: Nice extras at the end.
Humor: I find some of this music vid to be funny (repair man, robo church), but not alot of it was as funny.
Overall: Fine music vid. Like the song, don't care for the overall piece.

TmsT responds:

"Was this suppose to be like the 'Its a small world' ride or something."

Yes. :) Thanks for noticing, eventually.

But it wasn't meant to be as scary as the Small World Ride. *Shudders* Hence the lack of gore and other gratuitous R16 violence.


I'm always big on entertainment factor when rating a flash and this one didn't far so well. Nothing against the animation or song, they were fine, but I guess the last 2 vids feauturing Neil's music work were a hell of a lot more entertaining than this.

Having said that, I think the lyrics of the previous song also helped out the animator than in this one.

TmsT responds:

Yes, you do. :)

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4.24 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2006
1:02 AM EST
Music Video