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When Robots Attack

rated 4.24 / 5 stars
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Jan 3, 2006 | 1:02 AM EST

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Author Comments

From the creators of "I've Got Some Falling To Do" (but NOT "The Ultimate Showdown" - that was a different animator) comes a new music video about mighty Robots kicking puny Human butt.
A delightfully destructive (yet subtly poignant) romp, with all manner of Robots wiping out humanity in amusing ways. Hopefully you'll be rooting for the Machines by the end.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

The Future is Doomed!!!

Judges....AH! All 10's straight across! Congratulations, you did a Fuckin A job on this flash. LOL. I thought this flash was very well down and covered more than expected of flashes. I loved it. This could very well happen to the human race because of it's obsession with technology. Yep! Not a doubt in my mind. Oh yea! And I saw that "Kiss our shiny metal asses!" on that brick wall. LOL. Futurama. Good show, wish they hadn't cancelled it. Too bad.

TmsT responds:

Yeah. The final series was the best. :(


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I must say, this is one of the rare animations that actually does it right. It actually puts some effort into the graphics, takes an interesting style and implements it well and backs it up with a suitable track. The animation can't be faulted, and the way it works in coinciding with the music is excellent. The music itself was funny, and the subject matter was really interesting. And as for the ending, it was great to see the way that the machines took over man, but it does show that without man, the future is nothing. An excellent effort, and certainly an animation that should be seen by all.

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TmsT responds:

So in other words, it doesn't belong on Newgrounds. ;)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great work.

First of all, it wasn't until today that I finally looked into this stuff enough to realize that Neil is behind the whole Lemon Demon band/project/thing, and I'm that much more appreciative of these music flashes because of it. The lyrics to these songs are especially well-crafted and very creative. I don't enjoy the music in this one as much as I did in "Falling" and especially "Showdown" (in that one, your choice of chord during the chorus, arriving on the second syllable of the word "survive" is very nice), but it's still good.

The concept of an Epcot-ish history ride is great, but the constant motion of the ride made things seem monotonous at times. For a lot of people, this appeared as if it wasn't that well animated, and I think it was because the animatronics idea wasn't picked up on from the beginning. I know there was a big sign and all, but rides nowadays either make you sick or have crazy effects beyond this type. Many kids may not get the idea and figure someone was just lazy. Still, when one looks at it with that bored-but-still-amused Epcot eye, one will find a well-made, entertaining Flash.

TmsT responds:

Ahhh, kids these days eh? Heh heh. Why in my day, all you needed was some puppets and a skateboard!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is art, plain and simple.

Brilliant concept, and just like a disney ride, the details and obscure in-jokes are what make it special.

You're the reason I never make anything anymore. Compared to your stuff, it's all too derivative.

TmsT responds:



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

One problem.

It was a great movie, loved every bit of it. But you just need to make it run just a tad bit smoother. After a min it was really killing my eyes, it has just a slight amount of jitteryness. Other then that Great, keep up the good work.