When Robots Attack

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From the creators of "I've Got Some Falling To Do" (but NOT "The Ultimate Showdown" - that was a different animator) comes a new music video about mighty Robots kicking puny Human butt.
A delightfully destructive (yet subtly poignant) romp, with all manner of Robots wiping out humanity in amusing ways. Hopefully you'll be rooting for the Machines by the end.



*looks at toaster* so all those times that we made toast together meant nothing? you're still gonna kill me? well looks like i beat you to the punch! *grabs baseball bat*


I think you should go and smash somthing that could turn to a robot and kill people

Like the smart car.

Or politicians.

This was really great!

This was hilarious! You guys just made my day. The music was awesome. The animation was great. Good job on it.

HEY DeathsHeck...

if you think it's so gay...

why don't you make a better flash movie, or better yet, get a p3nis.

Don't you ever insult lemon demon because Chuck Norris will squish your head.

Not Bad.

I'm very impressed by the technical quality of this piece. It's been better than anything I've seen in a while on this dump of a site. The animations were smooth and the graphics were crisp, there was a single visual style, kind of like an amusement ride from Hell. The sound, well, come on, it's Neil Cicierega, how in the world can one go wrong with that?

The rest of it pretty much speaks for itself, the violence, the interactivity, the humor. I like what I'm seeing of TMST, just don't ruin it like some other bastards feel is necissary.

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4.24 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2006
1:02 AM EST
Music Video