When Robots Attack

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From the creators of "I've Got Some Falling To Do" (but NOT "The Ultimate Showdown" - that was a different animator) comes a new music video about mighty Robots kicking puny Human butt.
A delightfully destructive (yet subtly poignant) romp, with all manner of Robots wiping out humanity in amusing ways. Hopefully you'll be rooting for the Machines by the end.


Educational and improving. A perfect way for the next generation to learn their heritage. The way the showground exhibits loop through their simple activities reminds me of that fleshling film 'Yellow Submarine'. That works rather nicely; gets the point of the animation across while not distracting the viewer from the song.

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I wounder What Chuck Norris would Say..................

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"kiss our shinny metal asses" bender

did anyone see the bender the robot reference

during the videoi saw a bender reference

That is exactly how it happened (on earth)!

all of earths inhabitants die by robots like those in the same way. Meanwhile on another human populated world, the last of the robot traitors were just bieing cleaned up and recycled into tin cans and other containers, the invincetrons jetisoned into space forever, the feared bobot-of-doom remade and reprogrammed into a calculator and the stompbots recycled to replace a dam a chompy had eaten (bet he's not popular). Robots probably won on earth but not here because this planet has the highest military presence than anywhere else and is the leading source of hand and (A.I.less) machine created weapons (I know hand made guns sounds rediculous but it actualy happened. see ya robots and may you Rust In Peace and (humanities') salvation.

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Jan 3, 2006
1:02 AM EST
Music Video