The Lloyds :Urine Trouble

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Stuff on, say, Adult Swim today comes off as weak due to overabundance of dialogue and clear signaling of thoughts, but it's clear here that you are trying to say absolutely nothing about anything and I love that. It's fucking incredible. Good on you for making something this unapologetically disgusting.

I didn't understand this at all. The animation wasn't bad. It's just that the whole thing didn't lead to any great punchline. I couldn't make out most of the dialogue. I admit that the setup was pretty good. It just didn't amount to much.

It's weird, because I am glad this part of a series. There's certainly room for improvement! A lot of things could develop. It just didn't do much here. The colors are fine at least.

Satifying Characters

A nice set up characters I suppose as the sound effects are all set up nicely as well as a very nice opening and closing tune for the series pilot. The quality is quite nice the drawings of the bathroom were sketched out very nicely I thought a lot of effort must have went into this. The upcoming plot for The Lloyds series seems set up well enough with a nice set of characters and possible funny upcoming plots.

The voice acting wasn't have bad but it had no comedy in it whatsoever other than grim looking characters that were totally disgusting in a hilarious way. So not much to laugh at in the pilot, the storyline needs to be worked on a lot to keep the viewer into the series as well as a much better sense of timing the video could be quite a lot longer as it feels as if it's only a minute at the most.

Keep up the great work man a nice pilot to introduce a nice set of characters with a great opening and closing theme to it, a nice setup to a great classic Newgrounds series!

-TY Reviews

Just OK

You have created some seriously vile looking characters here! And while this is pretty cool, you haven't quite got the right story for them yet. Yeah, they're all inbred looking backwards morons, we get that. But having the ending joke of the movie being that the guy wet himself in bed? Not too funny, especially after just having a urine gag 10 seconds before in the bathroom.

Still, ik'll be interesting to see how this series develops, as it looks like it could turn out quite good! At least I know it'll be disgusting!

Characters are awsome!

Your choose of characters are pretty good, hope to see more. I gave you a 7 because the film was too short. Nice job and keep up the work.