4 Swords Misadventures2.2

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**There's a special version of this episode on yotube. Go visit my channel. My username over there is hitthefloor729.**

*There's no need to translate the Japanese voices.If you do, THE JOKE WON'T MAKE SENSE!*

The Japanese voices are from the "LoZ:Sound and Drama" Soundtrack, Not Naruto or Final Fantasy like most of you thought.
Flash #16.Please read before viewing
Thanks for the 3rd place award! First time I get one. Front Page? OMG! I didn't think it would get this popular. Thanks Newgrounds!
Here it is, finally, the conclusion of the "Broken Magic Mirror" episode has arrived. I never expected to take this long to make it.
When we last left off,Green Link found a magic mirror which was supposed to teleport him and the other Links back to the entrance.However, not realizing that the mirror was used broken, our heroes try to return to the Eastern Palace with it, knowing little of the dangers and mishaps that lie ahead.

If you are one of the many viewers who came to see the "Matrix Reloaded" related fight scene with the Dark Links, I hate do dissapoint you, but it's not gonna happen. Why? The joke's been done numerous times and I preferred to take the series to another direction. By doing this, I wanted to come up with more creative (and maybe original)Jokes. there is also a reference to video game censorship at the end. The joke is a little over the top,yet it's the best part :P. There are also references to other movies and even one "8-bit" flash that most of you already know about.I'm saving Dark Link for later episodes.

I know I'm gonna get a lot of complaints about the sound quality in this episode, so let me do a brief explination:

Audio out of sync: It'll happen sometimes.To fix this, pause and play the flash.I Made the scene skipping buttons to help out when it occurs. when you increase the framerate (from 12 to 20fps), any type of sound will go out of sync with the flash.

Poor Quality Voices/bad voice acting:Nobody has perfect recording equipment and not everyone is an experienced voice actor,not even me. It's hard to adjust the voices properly
when one records their VA lines louder or softer than the other person and I know it'll will hurt the flash a lot more this way. It's too complicated for most of you to understand.

Purple Link's accent:Mario Simic,who does Purple's voice, is from Sweeden and he's also new to the whole voice acting thing,but he's getting good at it. Don't criticize his accent.It's not necesary.

That about covers it.
visit my site to see what I'm upto next.


You will LOL for this movie!

This was the most funniest movie in the series yet! This is probally the best Legend of Zelda movie yet! The jokes were very creative and I can't wait for the next one!

i cant wait to see the next zelda movie you make!!

obviously the best zelda movie you have made and i cant wait until the next one you make. i just hope we wont have to wait long for it, cuz i know so does everyone else that the next one will be the best one!!!!


one word explains this! LOL! you gota make more! that was so funny XD

My favorite lines (Spoiler-ish)

Green: "We'll fight some other time. Bye!"
Dark Link: "What?"
Red, Blue, Purple: "WHAT?"

Red: "HOLY HYRULE! Get us out of here!"

Red: "THIS was your Plan B?!"

Red, Blue, Purple: "GOOD GOD, NO!"

Green: "Oh wait, I almost forgot." *poses with the boomerang*

DL Clones: "You still got us..."
DL: "Oh, shut up."


really annoyed

this is funny but it's getting really annoying waiting for the 3rd one. i saw this animation half a year ago! are you EVER going to make the next one?!

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HadoukenDude responds:

Ok, let me clear things up:
first off, I'm not the type of person to likes to stick to one theme.I prefer variety. This is why I occasionaly make other projects like MK mishaps and other flashes instead of working on FSM.

Second,I don't have the time to work on flash everyday since I'm kept busy with personal and family issues on a daily basis.

Third,episode 3 is currently in production as we speak. You see, when I make a 4 Swords flash,everything is improvised and the story is written and animated at the same time. Sometimes it's hard for me to come up with new material to keep this series fresh.I still need time to develop ep.3 properly otherwise the episode will suck.

Pressuring me to get it ready right now isn't a good idea you know.It will be out sometime this year, I promise.
If all this waiting annoys you, I'm sorry. Please don't be so impatient about it.Remember, when it comes to Zelda, the longer you wait, the better the final product will be.

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4.36 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2006
5:27 PM EST
Comedy - Parody