Console Wars

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This is my first flash submitted to Newgrounds.

It's about locklegion characters. With my old "Xbox 360-Lock"



that was pretty funny....but...where was ps2? :'( i like all the systems and screw you people who are like nooo ps2 and gamecube blow xbox r teh r0xx0r! know what? SCREW YOU! good flash, 'twas purdy funny

I didn't like it.

I think this had nothing to do with the console wars, and Nintendo is a great company and deseavers respect... And HDTV is not for normal people, for normal is no longer a clear word, what is normal, anyway?

Um gamecube is better than xbox......

i think this flash movie was ok but highly inaccurate.
1st. Psp is better than xbox
2nd. so is gamecube and n64
3rd.xbox 360 is ok but the hdtv part isn't very special
4th.i think final fantasy is better than fable
5th. when the ps3 and the nintendo revolution come out the xbox 360 is dead.

JonHunter responds:

I think what you bring up is more to the part of another discussion, as in what is better then the other. Though the animation is about that but still. I just wanted to be silly. There will be another one later on when PS3 is out called " Revange of Sony ". And then one called " A nintendo hope ". But yeah, i totaly disaggree, and when Fable 2 and Halo 3 is out, it's gonna be an even fight for all the consoles out there. But yeah.


First of all, its not spelled "atack", its "attack with 2 t..
and..thats it..:P


It was an ok movie but you could be more realistic by showing the electronics inside the gamecube when the 360 went to chop him up.

Other than part the rest of it is ok.

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Jan 1, 2006
8:25 AM EST
Comedy - Parody