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a word of recommendation to portal goers: no more crappy skate movies, and anal sex! god, whats is up with everyone and anal sex....

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that was amazing
great choice of music but there wasnt a plot or anything, you should add some speach, color, plot, characters
this is a must see movie.


heh...i thought that song sounded familiar...that was cypress hill wasnt it? oh well..yeah..the animation was pretty nice for stick figures skating and bullets flying all over...

Under Review?

Why? I don't think this is stolen and there is nothing wrong with this movie. In fact its a pretty damn smooth animation.

Kinda unique

Firstly, it needs a preloader! It takes a long time to load, and that looping music gets annoying...

That was a... unique style actually. Aside from the lack of graphical quality, I actually liked the fresh new theme attached to that - it was almost random :)

The sliding across to different scenes, and the objects becoming other less apparent objects just added to the uniqueness. Not terribly well executed, but a nice use of different effects all the same, and an interesting idea behind the full movie.

If you were going for something different and as yet unseen, you succeeded. The style could be improved, as could the sound, but a nice movie - I'm surprised I liked that at all, actually.

hehe well!

This wasn't the greatest movie I've seen... in fact it was far from it.... however it was still pretty good... I can tell you put an honest effort into it so therefore... I hope you know I think your going to make top movie of the day because of me :) ahhaha i VOTED 0 FOR EVERYTHING ELSE AND A 5 FOR THIS AND MY VOTE IS WORTH 6.68 ahahah so yah owe me :) good movie if you put a little more time and effort into it You'll really be able to pull off some shit !! keep it up! :)

Credits & Info

2.80 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2001
8:42 PM EDT